DiorShow Maximizer lash Plumping Serum


Cathy D.
Holy lashes!!!!

Wasn't too sure what to expect from a lash primer that claims to also be a supercharged serum that amps up the length and thickness of your lashes. But honestly, for about $30 it can't hurt to try! Well, now I can firmly state that I can't live without this unicorn in a tube; it's just that awesome. After the first application I noticed that my mascara applied on smoother and of course, there was a definite increase in the fullness of my lashes. Over the course of a month, the overall health of my lashes upped dramatically. First off, no more balding lashes - yes it helped to retain what hairs I have. Second, my lashes are noticeably thicker, longer and shiner. Even my friends noticed the dramatic change when they asked me what false lashes I was wearing because they look so natural. haha. Definitely do yourselves and your lashes a favor and buy this product.

Morgan B.
Great Lash Primer

This lash primer works really well under mascara. I had to experiment a little at first to find a look that worked for me. I use the primer (wiping off the excess on the tube), then one or two coats of volumizing mascara (no more than that, or it will clump! I also wipe off the excess on the tube, and roll it on a tissue to be sure there's no thick gobs of mascara), THEN I curl my lashes with an eyelash curler. Curling my lashes and then applying the primer and mascara just causes me to lose the curl, but I really like the look of my lashes with this stuff when I do it right.

Eydís G.

I often recommend this product to my clients they ask me does it really work, IT DOES!! It truly does, its an amazing primer but if you put it on your lashes 2 a week before you go to bed you start noticing a difference, why should you condition your hair but not your eyelashes, love love love this product!

Jasmine T.

This is one of the best lash serums I've ever tried and it does lengthen after frequent usage. My lashes have grown more and this works really well with my Dior Iconic Extreme Overcurl and it lasts the whole day! The best part? You don't even need to use an eyelash curler. :) xx

Lisa K.
Primer and treatment in one!

This product is one of the better lash primer/serum I've tried. I love how it prime your lashes by "plumping" them as in thicken and lengthen lashes AND it also treat your lashes too! For me, this product works best best paired with Diorshow Iconic mascara; when paired with volumizing mascara like Diorshow Extase, it can get bit clumpy. It works best when curling or lengthening mascara is applied when Diorshow maximizer lash plumping serum is semi dry (25-30 sec after application). This product definitely helps lashes appear longer and it treats and conditions lashes well. My lashes feel healthier and I also feel like I'm loosing lashes.

Raisa J.
From No Lashes to Lots of Lashes

I barely have lashes so this is one of my MUST HAVE products at all times. I have had the Tarte primer (believe I still do) but this is the one I reach for every single time. Although it says to let it dry before applying the mascara. I actually apply my mascara RIGHT after applyng this and it lessens the likelihood of my lashes clumping together or of flaking! Love it though. Even though it is a lil expensive if you use it all the time like me it is worth the investment.

Annie L.
I love it!

I put it in the morning right before applying my mascara and it makes a huge difference. People have noticed that my eyelashes look longer since I've been using this product :)

Airess C.

I have only tried one other eyelash primer besides this one and that was the Studio Gear one. I must say that I am absolutely in love with this primer. I have only actually used it twice and it is outstanding. Not only does it make my lashes look fuller and long with just the primer on by itself, but taking off my mascara is no longer a pain. Because of this primer it seems like the mascara just slides right off when I remove my makeup. It lasts throughout the day and last night when I took my makeup off it looked like it really is helping my lashes grow... they just looked healthier than normal! I love it!

Lottie S.

I'm the type of person who has really sucky eyelashes. I feel a eyelash primer is a very necessary step. This is actually helping my lashes grow. When I put it on my eyelashes look longer and fuller. I LOVE this stuff.

Summer E.
works great

I use this with my DiorShow Black Out Mascara and it works good just make sure you don't put too many layers of this before the mascara it will make it clumpy other than that I like it as far as making your lashes grow I have not notice that yet my lashes are a bit long naturally but will update if I see a change lol