DiorShow Mascara

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Eleanor M.
not what i expected

i really dont love this mascara, i was looking for something similar to an estee lauder mascara that only came in a certain kit, but this was not nearly as good. It causes your eyelashes to clump a lot and its particularly lengthening. on the brightside its stays on really well! It doesnt flake at all and is not smudged by water. tit doesnt come off very well with make up remover though, it feels like cement on my eyelashes and im afraid i will rip them out if they rub too hard. it does go on nicely though and has a good consistency, its far to expensive for the quality, definitely not worth the money

Victoria B.

I'm the kind of girl that loves loves loves big lashes! I used to layer 4 mascaras whenever I wear makeup and didn't have the patience for false lashes. I had high hopes for this mascara because of all the hype it gets, and blew a $30 sephora giftcard on it... the moment I tried it I wanted to scream. It didn't do ANYTHING for my lashes. It looked like they had nothing on it. It didn't volumize or lengthen or hold a curl or ANYTHING. Not worth the hype especially for a high end mascara. I kept trying to use it and trying to force myself to love it and make it work, but it did NOTHING. A couple weeks later I got a sample of Smashbox Full Exposure mascara, which I just used until I could afford to buy the real thing, and it is definitely my holy grail mascara. It showed me what a REAL great mascara, especially high end can do. DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE WITH THIS PRODUCT. If you want a good high end I'd go with Smashbox Full Exposure, or something else, but don't believe the hype on this product! Just thinking about it infuriates me!

Jess C.
new HG mascara!

I'm all for my drugstore mascaras but when I tried this product it changed everything! I tried the sample size that I got with my Dior perfume from Sephora and thought that it wouldn't be any better than my Maybelline mascaras and I was so wrong. I love everything about this mascara, the formula, the brush, the amount of volume it gives. I have naturally long lashes but I'm lacking volume and this mascara makes my lashes so make fuller. The ONLY thing I don't like about this product has to be the price tag, a whole $30 for a mascara is a little much.

Elisa S.
Just gross.

I've gotten this mascara three times as a gift, and I feel terrible about it because it's just a bad product. Grossly huge brush that just rubs a wall of gross dry clumpy black goo on your lashes. As if all that weren't gross enough, it all will flake off in an hour anyway. The threads on the screw-off cap get coated in the stuff so it doesn't open and close very well. Doesn't coat each lash, doesn't lengthen or volumize or curl or even darken very well. If you are at a department store looking for mascara, don't waste your time at the Dior counter.

Sakina B.
I thought it would be beautiful

It's Dior. It's called DiorShow asn when I bought it I felt totally cool, yay $$$ amnd coolness. However I'm not sure if it was the store I got it from that was selling old mascara but everything about it felt dry and not that fresh. It gives good length and volume but yes it definitely clumps and flakes and runs... My Mabelline mascara is better than this. I do still use the Dior sometimes if I want to, but not because of any good qualities, just because the mood hits. Do not wash your face if you're wearing it. And although I hate waterproof mascara I don't expect non waterproof to run like food coloring. This product has made it hard for me to even investigate into buying other Dior products

Natalie C.
Not MY Cult Favorite

I know this is a cult favorite with a lot of people, but not for me! The formula is thick, but it runs so easily. I don't want to have to wear waterproof mascara all the time, but for this product to stay on long enough, I would have to suggest the waterproof version. I go to festivals and parties often, so having makeup that lasts for hours WITHOUT budging is a must for me! Not only did it run, but it flaked down my face, giving me raccoon eyes. I checked to see if this was an old tube or if it had gone bad but it was perfectly fine. If a mascara can't live up to my lifestyle, it gets returned.

Natalie G.

A friend of mine recommended I try this mascara and I'm glad I did! The large brush was hard to get used to at first, but it seemed to really add volume to my lashes. My only complaint is that it didn't seem to last as long as other mascara's do. Maybe the next time I buy it I'll have better luck.

Janna G.
Opt for Revlon Grow Luscious!
Photo of product included with review by Janna G.

I recently blogged about this, (and kinda ranted on YT too lol!) because I used to be a Dior Show "only" kind of girl... that ended a few years ago when I realized I could get a great mascara for under $10. Anyway, so I recently bought Grow Luscious and I personally think it's identical!!

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Claudette B.

This is my favorite mascara out of all mascaras I have ever tried! I have tried numerous high end and drug store mascaras but this one is my absolute favorite! I have stick straight lashes so I would normally use my Shu Uemera lash curler and then Dior Show mascara. I kid you not, my lashes stays curled for a long time. The brush and the formula of this mascara is very high quality. You have got to try this!

Sara B.
pretty good

the brush is great and it makes my lashes look full (after a few swipes) my only problem with this one is its not black enough. i bought 090 black but it looks dark brown..i first thought i had purchased the wrong one