DiorShow Black Out Mascara

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Christina N.
Elongates lashes, blackest black, smudge proof LOVE IT!

This is hands down the best mascara I have EVER used and now that I've found it I will never use another. Without a messy white primer, it does what it promises and instantly elongates my lashes and right away they pop, are super long, blackest black and make my eyes gorgeous. It is highly pigmented which reduces the need for multiple layers (if you do more you get more oomph!) and does not clump. You may have to shell out $22 for a tube, but it's HUGE and long, well worth the money and has a great applicator too. The way I apply is I start at the base of my lashes and "wiggle" through up and out to coat every lash. I always scrape the extra mascara off the tip of the brush back into the tube before I apply. Buy the waterproof, works amazing and it has never smudged on me or flaked ever. I am in love with this mascara.

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Bry R.

I'm all out now but when I did have it, it made my lashes very dark, longer and fuller, still not that fake lash look (if that's what you want) but it's still very nice. Just whatever you do, do not cry while wearing this it. Will. Sting!! The coal in it (which makes it so black) burns when it gets into the eyes lol.

Erica H.

this is the best mascara if you like your lashes to stand out.It coats nicely and evenly and its the blackest mascara you will find out there. Usually retails for around 25 bucks you can't beat that.

Aria A.

Totally worth the money! It makes your lashes super black, long and thick! I will definitely buy this product again when it runs out! (Which is going to be quite a while away because it is really big!).

Elli G.
In love again!

I love mascara! I have medium to the shorter side of lashes. And believe it or not not too dark. When I first got this mascara it was in waterproof I got annoyed with how dry it was. BUT after reading reviews about the normal one I completely decided to try the non waterproof. IT'S Simply amazing! Length,drama, volume and longevity. My lashes hold curl and they look pretty!! I have worn this for almost a week and it keeps getting better!! Definitely a do! So glad I did:)

Chelle Y.
You'll be amazed!

A girl walked into our espresso business and I couldn't help noticing that she had the loveliest lashes--I assumed she'd had lash extensions but she told me she uses the best mascara in the world: Dior Black Out. I've always used cheap mascaras--it just seemed like an area where I could save money. I've been so, so wrong! It retails for $25 but it's so worth it. Spoil yourself--and don't save it for special occasions! This stuff is magic!

Fabianne C.

Don't bother reading anymore reviews lol Just run out and buy this AMAZING mascara... Believe me you won't be disappointed ♡ It makes even the shortest lash look thick

Kristina A.
Love love love this mascara!

My eyelashes look fantastic. It really coats the lash well with no clumping. The length is gorgeous and I can use this mascara without an eyelash curler. It really does make show stopping eyes. The color is super black and with one coat my lashes look amazing. I am very impressed with this product.

Alicia D.

I just recently purchased this mascara and I am in love! I saw it being used in a tutorial and I couldn't resist after seeing how it made her lashes look! This mascara is extremely black and I find that it holds the curl in my lashes all day, which I find difficult with most mascaras. The only downfall that I have is the price but for the job it does, I think splurging on a good mascara is worth it!

Summer E.
Simply Amazing

Tired of false eye lashes and extensions look no further this is it the DiorShow Black Out Mascara does exactly what it says it does and when you done it looks like you have fake lashes I am so happy I found it this will be my mascara from now on like Nadia says I found my holy grail of mascara!! :)