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Ailish V.
So beautiful

I absolutely love this product it's really moisturising and makes your lips look so smooth. I was unsure about wether to purchase it but it's defiantly worth the price. I wear it everyday and absolutely love it!!

Sue Y.
Holy grail lip product

I don't like referring to this as a balm because I don't really use it as such. This is basically a replacement for lipstick for me. I always opt for sheer lipsticks because my lips are constantly chapped and anything with too much pigment sticks to dry patches/peels and is incredibly unattractive. Then I found this. It gives the nicest tinge of color that looks extremely natural and healthy. It's moisturizing and gives a bit of shine, which means my dry lips get conditioned, and the dry patches are sort of camouflaged. Even better, it's not sticky or tacky, which would be a deal breaker for me. Also, you can kiss or significant other or whomever you wish with this on and not worry about transferring color because it's so natural. All in all, this is a fantastic product that I will never be found without. It's probably not everyone's cup of tea, especially at the price point of $33, but for natural-look lovers, it can't be topped. Again, not a lip balm tho...

suhaira s.

Ice - cream lip stick.! This is the lip Vaseline for YOU.! It doesn't wet your lip - It moisturizes and gives a prompt pinkish natural beauty color your lip has always been dying to look. She definitely likes this one.

Chamar L.
Oooooh Yes Girl!

OK I love this balm so much, I almost refuse to wear anything else on my lips! It is super moisturizing like a balm. However, best part? Drumroll pleaaaaasssse........when you glide this baby on your lips, it gives you your OWN shade of a gorgeous everyday pink. I wouldn't even say pink, so much as your very own natural shade of lip color. It gives a gorgeous pop! This was so worth the money as I am getting such great use from it! And the packaging! Yes guuurrrll!!! I could seriously go on and on, but you will not understand my fever for this gloss until you try it for yourself!!!

Natalia S.

This is the best lip glow ever! It make your lips feel really soft and hidratated, besides it gives you a feel of freshness and it looks like if you had a light shade of lipstick on, even on pictures. The only complaint i have is that, at least in my lips that are always pretty dry no matter what i do, it doesnt last for much maybe like an hour, but the pretty color still stays on for much more longer.

Bebe T.
best lip balm

This is a true lip revivor! Hands down for Dior for coming up with a phenomenal product. I love this lip glow! My lips are always chapped and this lip conditioner does wonders. For $31 ... totally worth every penny. You will not be able to find any generic brand that can replace this product.

peppy g.
staple for my "Le No Makeup Look"! ~

if i could only have one product in the whole wide for the rest of my life, this would be it. i think this is what beauty junkies would describe as a "Holy Grail". just the science of it it so intriguing, and it smells WONDERFULLLL! it is one of the best-scented products i've ever owned. it smells like combination of a mild rosy scent and mint (maybe a little rose-tea, but the mint makes it smell so LOVELY). the packaging is a beautiful color as well. :3

it's not sticky, very smooth, doesn't dry out my lips or make them bleed (and i have very sensitive lips), it feels like it's more water-based than oil-based. and the finish is perfect. on me, it's a fleshy dark pink, that's really natural.

what's best about this product is the positive message it delivers to women of color. i love that this product reacts to the chemicals on each individual's lips and adjust to the person's skin tone. it's something everyone can use, and it gives everyone a custom-color that perfect for their skin. it's not about women following the fashion/beauty-industry's standards, it's a product that adjusts to everyone uniquely. for someone who's constantly force-fed whitening lotion ads (i live in Southeast Asia) and have been very self-conscious/given a hard time for not looking a certain way, this product just warms my heart. i'll also purchase Dior's Healthy Glow blush for the same reason! because it makes me feel so good that nothing's wrong with who i am. i do believe that many companies are sort of, uhm, "racist" (i know that's a strong word, but i believe it's true). :|

...but this product is actually ANTI-racism! :D

of course i'll get the blush when i can afford it, and i'm not going to give this product less points for its price tag. it's Dior. *shrugs* it's the type of thing you buy yourself as a birthday treat (which is what i did). plus, the R&D put into it must have been quite the investment. i also disagree with people who say this is the same thing as those drugstore tween products. actually, it's not. when i was about 15, i purchased one of those Mentholatum products and it DOESN'T adjust to your skin tone. it just turns a darker magenta (which i think is just for fun because it's kind of fun to watch as it gradually gets darker), but it's the same magenta shade for everyone, not a special custom color like Dior's lip balm.

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Saidah J.

Just love it. Super product. its great moisturiser for lips and in same time it gives pink color. even through it looks transparent, on lips in 1 hour it turns our to be really pink

Nina L.
Exactly what I expected...

And what I expected was exquisite packaging (check), super soft moisturizing balm (check), and a natural pink color that buildable (check). If you're looking for just a little luxury, I'd totally give it a try!

Naomi D.

Am I going crazy? Because I've read many reviews, both positive and negative, and I see nothing wrong with this product. It's a light balm, great under and over lipstick, and the price is just right since it IS a designer product. I don't understand how people can assume anything Dior will be like $3 ... the only problem is that sometimes the top of the balm gets discolored, as it says in the instructions inside. Just wipe it off, and you're good to go.