Deva Curl

Set It Free


Erica S.
Moisture & Frizz-Control for Second-Day Hair

I use this product to smooth down frizz and add some moisture to my hair on days I do not wash it. It's a little on the thick side for my fine hair, so I spray it into my palms, rub them together, then smooth this over my hair before scrunching upwards from the bottom.

Meag S.

I've been hooked on Deva Curl products for almost a year now and I will never use another brand. The set it free spray is really great for days when you don't want to wash your hair. I don't wash my hair a lot so usually what I'll do is spray this on the lower half of my curls and scrunch my hair and the product helps redefine your curls. For days when my hair is really crazy and the curls have flattened, I'll lightly brush through my hair and then spray this product all over and scrunch.

Blaine G.

I decided to try the mini kit that comes with the no-poo, one condtion, anGEL, and set it free. I absolutely love the whole system! It really is a great curl system, however if you use too much of the set it free it can weigh hair down a bit. It all depends on the type of hair you have, I find that 2-3 sprays is just enough for me and I have swavy medium hair :) if you have finer hair I would only use 1-2 sprays about 6in away from the hair but if you have thicker coarse hair you can use a bit more.

Andrea H.
I needed a whole lot for my hair. but nonetheless, it was cool.

This came with my DevaFuser kit, and i was excited to use it because i'd heard a lot about it. So i was eager to wear my hair natural. Now, I have mixed black hair so it's VERY thick, and unruly and very frizzy. using the diffuser alone took about 20-30 minutes? then it still looked crazy because i guess the look i was trying t achieve wasn't possible, then it took me a full 5 minutes to cover my hair with the set it free. when i got my hair covered, yeah it smelled good... but frizz? Well it cut DOWN on it but err uh yeah. I opened the bottle and decided to drench my hair in it, and that seemed to do it more so than before. the consistency is thick enough to weigh it down but still liquid so my hair didn't feel loaded.