Lip Quench

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Thu D.

The scent is so good its almost addicting. Your lips are so moisturized and plumped. THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER. The finish is beautiful. Soft, gorgeous lips! I wish they used the same formula but came out with different colors. And redesign it so it looks as wonderful as it works ;)

Huma N.
Only worked for a while! :\

To be honest, I got this in my April Glambag. I loved it so much when I first started using it - it instantly "requenched" my lips and made them soft and smooth. It was my go-to lip moisturizer for a while, but its effect gradually faded. Now I'm back to chapped lips even though I've been applying this quite liberally. Still, I enjoyed it while the effect lasted

This lip gloss also has a sheer pink color to it. It's not very visible on darkish lips like mine, but would probably give a nice shimmer to lighter colored lips. :)