Clearing Skin Wash


Katy S.
Best wash I've ever used

Washed my face at night and the morning and all my bumpy breakouts went down and my skin felt smooth and dirt free. Best facial cleanser I've ever used an i only used it twice. Totally incredible but the product is expensive..

Emily R.
Best skin was ever!

I've had horrible acne for years and years and nothing I every did would ever help! The acne really hurt my self esteem through out my high school years. I really wish I would have found this product sooner. Sometimes my acne would get so bad that anything brushing up on my skin like, hair, clothes, my hand, would cause me pain. I started out at first with the clean start kit and it started to clear my skin by making it feel less oily and clearing up the smaller break out. I needed an extra boost for my skin, so I switched to the medibac line! And I can say, I will never go back to using those drugstore skin care products ever again! Nothing in all my teen years has ever made such a dramatic differences in my skin!

Carolyn W.
Worth it's weight in gold!

I have problems with breakouts that no other product can touch. Literally saw results with the first use. Very expensive, but it doesn't take much. Does a great job of removing make-up and dirt.

Tashina S.
Loving it so far

I just got this about a week ago. I'm loving it. I've had no new breakouts and my old ones are clearing up fast. I use it twice a day. The only problem I have is my cheeks get dried out. This usually happens to me with face washes. I'm going to get the oil control moisturer in this line next.