Clearing Mattifier


Angel C.
Matte all day :)

I have oily skin and thus far this is the only thing to help keep me shine free all day. I just apply a little to my face and I'm golden for the eight hours at work where I'm on my feet pretty much the whole time. It has also helped reduce my hormonal breakouts. The texture of this product did take some getting used to however. It feels like a silicone gel. I wasn't too used to the idea at first, but after seeing how it kept my skin I was converted! This product has saved me a lot of fuss with having to blot my skin with powder or blotting sheets. It's totally worth the money for sure. TRUST ME!!!

Melissa F.
Shine Free!

This is a great product to use on really hot days or just when I'm trying to create a really matte look on my face without makeup. This product has helped with controlling my oily skin during the day without being too drying. I really wish this had an SPF in it because it loses some of it mattifying qualities when I apply my sun block.