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Delaney B.
Works great, smells great!

I'm always on the move and this deodorant understands that I have a busy life! It's the first deodorant I've tried and actually liked! It's a must have for every girl on the go!

Myrna P.

I finally found a deodorant that doesn't continue to let my perspiration run or bleed through my shirt (embarrassing). I hope my body doesn't give up on it after 3 months...fingers crossed. Best part, no nasty residue.

Tiffany F.
If you move alot you need this.

I have a job that I have to move around alot. So I dont like having to reapply my deodrant to make sure it still working. I just use it once and I don't have to worry about it.

Adrienne S.
Pleasantly Surprised!

I received a free sample of this deodorant and ended up buying a full-sized one because I was very happy with it. I had been paying $10 for Secret Clinical Strength and this is much cheaper!!!

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Briana S.
So surprised!

I am an active girl. Biking, fishing, yoga, ect. and other deodorants just never really worked for me. I tried this and stuck with it because it worked so well! I get really gross right after my yoga workout and still don't smell bad! It works great!

KristaLynn K.
Great deodorant!

Love everything about this deodorant except for one thing. It keeps me from smelling gross and sweating to much when I'm out riding my horse or just doing any active thing. It smells so wonderfully that whenever I wear a tank top my dog tries to lick my armpit. Crazy. Anyway- it's definitely a good deodorant; I just have to get into the habit of putting it on AFTER I put my shirt on because otherwise I have white streaks down my shirt after applying. Oops.

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