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Dear N.
Intense Pigment and Range of Color

I love the intense pigments and the fact at times one coat is great enough, which is rare when it comes to nail polish. I would recommend Cult Nail Polish!

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Lizz C.

great quality! this polish defiantly lasts more than a week before it starts to chip. this color (enticing) is also so clean and crisp looking. this polish brand is also very good for nail art because its so smooth

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Alexandria S.
I love it!

I love Cult Nail polishes. They go on smoothly and evenly. They are well pigmented and they come in colors that are new and different. This is my favorite brand of nail polish since I discovered it.

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Bec S.
Great hot pink!
Photo of product included with review by Bec S.

At first I wasn't a huge fan of the matte finish on this one, but then I saw this pic of myself that was taken a while back and I was like "wait, what color was that?!?! I love it!" Now I'm totally on board with this one, either in its original matte finish or with a shiny top coat.

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Alyssa C.
Love it!

I absolutely adore this color and polish! It's consistency and shine is amazing, and it goes on so well! It looks beautiful, probably my fav out of my whole collection:)

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Erica S.
Fast-drying, leathery/waxy finish <3

I LOVE THIS STUFF. It's easily my most-used nail polish in my collection now, and I have it just over a year now. I've used about 1/3rd of it. It's fast-drying, has a leather/wax-like finish which complements my leather jacket and waxed jeans perfectly. A++.

Katherine F.
O my stars

I love this color TOO - Purplexed Purple (seems almost gray in its' first coat, but hang in there the second coat helps nail down *HA* the purple)!!!

I know, I am sounding like a broken record, but after trying the green glowy Cult Nails I got here (another review, can't member the name) I looked for a similar shade with similar glowy properties.

And YES Virginia, this one is glowy also. Here's what I gather = this nail polish has small squares of light reflecting metallic pieces in the polish that catch the light and make the polish kinda glow from the inside.

Not joking. It's my new favorite! (well, with the green one too) Hurry and get yours too!!!

Katherine F.
Love the polish!!

Great color, I can get @least completely covered after a second coat. Beautiful shimmery deep red. LOVE LOVE = this is my 2nd Cult Nails purchase. Don't know if I will buy another brand for awhile.

So many groovy shades, I hardly know which ones to pick.

Katherine F.
UH maz Balls

I looked over ALL the shades for Cult Nails and had a difficult time deciding til I saw this lovely glowy sparkly green. It is SO pretty. Great product. Lasts long time. If you like something different, something green You Gotta Get IT!!!

Bridget C.
Unique and Great Quality

For the most part I've had so-so results when trying to find a good matte polish, but when I got this one as soon as I swatched it on one nail I knew it would be a keeper. The wax finish gives it just the right amount of sheen without being too shiny and just enough matte without looking completely dried out. Along with the pigmentation being excellent as long as I have a steady hand this polish usually takes just one coat.

For anyone looking for a unique black nail polish try this one because it is A+