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Crown Brush

BK26 - Badger Powder Dome


Ashley F.
Sheds bad

I got this brush a while ago because my brush collection was lacking a large fluffy basic powder brush. I ordered from the Crown website along with some others and when I received it, I was underwhelmed. Immediate first impression was that it was scratchy, not as dense as I was hoping and it shed like crazy. I washed it (properly) and dried it in a brush guard hoping that would solve the shedding issue, but it didn't help at all. It just sheds and sheds and sheds...ugh. So, I broke down and just bought the Sigma extravaganza F95 because it was on clearance for 30 something bucks. I gave this brush to my friend who is not as into makeup as I am. At least quality wise, and she's happy with it. So, bottom line, this is an average brush other than the below average shedding, it serves it's purpose and its not extraordinarily bad. However, if your looking for quality in your brushes, don't waste your time and money.

Dee D.
Okay, does the job

This brush is okay, it will do the job. The brush is a little scratchy, and does shed. While it is reasonably priced. I believe it is okay, nothing special.