3D White Whitestrips Advanced Vivid


Sarah T.
Worth every penny !

I tried these out after using so many time wasting and uneffective whitening products, and it works a dream ! My teeth are much whiter after just 4 strips. Easy to use, works fast, no bad taste, can be used anywhere anytime !

Janelle W.

I use this product with the 3D toothpaste and really notice a difference! It makes your teeth noticeably whiter within the first couple uses. The only con to this is if you don't use it on a regular bases, your teeth will go back to their original color fast.

Khoi N.
Try it! Expensive, but worth every penny! :D

I used the product for only 1 week and saw a difference and stopped after two weeks so my sister can use some of it too! I whitened my teeth with Crest last year and my teeth are still white...This year, a guy from my class noticed and said really loud, "You know, your teeth are really white!" I was kind of confused of why he was looking at my mouth anyway, but I said thanks for the compliments! So there... Try it! :)

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Alexandra G.

These strips are awesome!!! Paired with the 3D toothpaste and mouthwash they really made my teeth white! My husband and I used these and then the 2 hour ones and what a difference!!! The only con I can think of is that they make your teeth sensitive if they are sensitive normally. It lasts about a day so in my opinion it is worth if for white teeth. <3 The 30 minute ones make them less sensitive than the 2 hour ones though. Man oh man the 2 hour ones were excruciating in the night! At least you only use one every 3 months...haha still totally worth it for white teeth!

Chloe G.

I tried so many strips for whitening and this one is the best of all, it stays on your teeth, taste nothing, does not have the gel feeling left on your teeth and after 1 strips I have seen a result. Going to buy it back !

Angela W.
Really works.

I've tried both varieties of strips for whitening and these are definitely more convenient. They really seal onto your teeth and make it a lot less of a hassle. The other strips slip and slide everywhere and you can't really talk normally.

One day I accidentally left them on for more than half an hour and noticed my teeth were supppper sensitive for the next two days. Guess the whitening agent is pretty powerful stuff!

I'm glad I used these. I saw some pictures of my smile after I was done with the strips and was really shocked at how dingy my teeth appeared in older photos!