Translucent Loose Powder


Meaghan S.
Best drugstore loose powder

I have been using this to set BB cream's for day time for when I'm at work all day and it has been doing a great job with that there are lots of bad reviews but I guess its not for everyone, personally the lightest shade is best for me and I powder once in the morning and it stays on for about 10 hours on my skin, Great stuff, and I use a huge fluffy brush!!!

Kayla H.

I was hunting for a good, oil absorbing translucent powder one day at the beginning of my freshman year. I came across this at my local Wal-mart. This is my go- to loose powder. I am a senior this year and I still will always run to my CoverGirl translucent powder. The texture is so nice and smooth. It doesnt fall into any small fine lines or creases and just creates a nice matte look. Has great lasting power and really absorbs any oil I may have on my face. The only bummer, the smell. I almost couldnt stand it at first but now I have actually come to like it a bit haha. Overall, Wonderful product..I wasnt surprised though, CoverGirl never ceases to amaze me!

Maddie S.
It works

I use it almost every day but nothing special. I use a powder brush and dust it over my face for a matte look but my skin does become shiny through the day and i have to re apply

Tiffani H.
My Go-To Powder

This was the powder that I got started on when I first started using makeup, because it's the brand that my mother uses, and I've never bothered changing. I know that other people have said that it has a weird smell, but I have never noticed any smell. I have never found it to be cakey or flaky. It doesn't have the greatest coverage, but that's what concealer is for, isn't it? This powder gives my face a nice matte finish, and I don't feel the need to reapply it throughout the day. 4 out of 5.

Meg T.
the smell omg👵😷😣

it's a nice powder, but the smell is so strong. it smells like old lady lol. but it covers nicely but doesn't always look good over dry areas, but then again most powders don't. I didn't like the little poof that came with it.

Bailey B.

As someone who has oily skin, I'm always on the lookout for oil absorbing powders, foundations, blotting sheets, etc. So I decided to try out this one. Nothing too special about it, not the finest milled powder out there which results in it settling in my large pores (not a cute look). It was useful when I needed to powder my forehead, but that was about it. Definitely not foundation capable and it has a light smell to it, nothing too invasive. All in all, a very average product, but not worth your money. Xx

Melissa B.

I say this is average because I do use it when I run out of my other powders, but normally i would not reach for this product and wouldn't purchase it again. First off the smell just really makes me sick, it's so strong and just strange smelling. It sets the make-up fine and makes your foundation stay in place for about 4 maybe 5 hours. But it gets cakey very easily and if you have dry skin like me, it will cling to every dry spot on your face and make it look worse. If you have oily skin, this powder may work great for you, but still be aware that it cakes easily. I would not say this is translucent like it claims, I would say it would only work for light skin. Another thing, I noticed that the product balls up in the package, and no I don't store this in my bathroom. The packaging is not good at all, the plastic on this is very cheap and breaks easily so be careful not to drop this. Overall, there are better drugstore powders out there and some are even cheaper than this powder.

Novinda B.

I was looking for cheap loose powder that would help set my makeup, and what i got was cheap loose powder. The price is what got me to try out the product, but honestly I expected more. I used this on top of my revlon colorstay foundation and it makes the wear last for a shorter time. My face is gets oily very quick, and after 2 hours i felt the need to reapply the powder. I would not buy it again

Marie M.
Translucent Sable

I bought this setting powder in the shade mentioned above. I have oily skin and this light powder absorbs the oil but was a bit too shimmery. It settles in the pores. I love the fact the the powder is as light as air but the packaging is messy, and it gets everywhere. The sifter could be smaller. The Noxema smell could go. The worst part though is that the color was chalky no matter how little I applied. I looked like I was the undead.