Professional All In One Waterproof Mascara

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Jennifer C.
My favorite waterproof mascara for YEARS

This is my go-to waterproof mascara! I've been using it for several years now. The formula is dryer so it won't clump up like some goopy volume pumping mascaras. You can easily apply the product and it layers well during your first application. (I say first because if you try to layer later in the day, it doesn't work as well, but normally you won't need to re-apply this product.) This product gives you maximum length and definition for an every day natural look, and can support more dramatic looks with more layers. Did I mention it's my favorite? :D

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Kyraa D.
Smudge-Proof Waterproof, Indeed!

This mascara definitely lives up to it's name! It is absolutely waterproof.. even my eye makeup remover has troubles removing it. I find that that aspect of the product can become very frustrating, but there's no clumping, it goes on very easily, & it makes me lashes look amazing! a great waterproof mascara :p

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Clair H.
Deffinately Waterproof.

I love this mascara! It makes my lashes longer and thicker. Not clumpy if you apply it right. The only bad thing is that it's maybe a little TOO waterproof. Normally when I wash my face, any mascara I have comes off. Not this stuff;; it takes some scrubbing to get it off :P

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Victoria  A.
So Far So Good

I've always been a fan of covergirl's professionals mascara line, and was looking for a waterproof mascara so I picked this one up. I've only used it a few times so far but it's stood up to accidental eye rubbing, sweat, and 90 degree heat. Also not the worst waterproof mascara when it comes to removal. Fairly easy to remove in my opinion, although I don't load it on either.

Amanda W.

I was shockingly appalled by how clumpy and dry and frustrating this mascara was. I had to work it eeeeeeeever so lighly against my lashes until I got the barest tint of color, because anymore, and I'd suddenly have four giant spider lashes! never again.