LashBlast Clump Crusher


Ally T.

I have short eyelashes and when I started to use this it made my eye pop up and my eyelashes looks natural. I recommend this for school cause it looks natural. :) recommend

Sandi G.
Claim not to clump. Makes good on promise.

This has been my everyday go to for quite some time. It never clumps, and it's super easy to apply. Works great for me. I haven't had any problems, but if you are sparse lashed, you may want to get a different formula. It adds a bit of volume, which is perfect for me, but others may want something more dramatic.

Massiell C.
The HOLY GRAIL mascara ???? ...

Holy crap nuggets this mascara is awesome. With just 2 coats you have nice, non clumped, non flaky, soft lashes that look like falsies! Definitely one of the top 5 drugstore mascaras ever!

Sincerely P.
love this!!!

this is by far the BEST product ever for my lashes!!! it makes them look fuller and long and very bold when applying 2-3 coats! I fell in love with this mascara after seeing one of my favorite youtube girl's, Ciaoobelllaxo, always using this mascara!

I bought a 3 pack from Costco and I keep repurchasing this all the time!!!!

Meg V.
Best Mascara Yet

Since being told to try this mascara by a friend, I've totally fallen in love with it! It doesn't clump and it comes off easily if you get some on your skin when you're putting in on. The only thing I don't like about this product is the waterproof version of this mascara, it DOES clump even though it says it won't. The non-waterproof version is the best.

Jessica D.

This is a great and affordable mascara and I love it. While it doesn't give me a fake lash look with one coat, with two coats it really can. It doesn't get clumply or flake on me. Over all I really love it and will repurchase for sure!

Olivia K.

I will and have not re purchased this. I don't like it because it didn't really do anything. Not good coverage. It was good with clumps, but just not great. Its good after a few applications, but just not something I must have!

Jenny M.

Love it!! This is one of my favorite mascaras EVER! It doesn't clump and it makes your lashes look longer and fuller! It's also lasts a long time in the water and doesn't run

Jackie M.
Great affordable mascara

Most drugstore mascaras are either flakey or clump but this one I think is my favorite. It lengthens, adds just the right amount of volume, and holds a curl. I recommend this mascara to anyone really..

Amelia R.

This mascara is amazing! I use it everyday and no clumps, just lengthened lashes! This has to be my all time favorite mascara! I love putting my Sephora mascara on and then this on because my sephora one leaves clumps, but then they go away and I get volume from my other one and length from this one! Fantastic job cover girl!