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Invisible Concealer

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Amanda V.

I have oily skin, and this concealed the redness, but once I put it on, it was really CAKEY. It flaked up on my nose. The coverage is great though under the eyes and brownbone.

Karen C.
Noope :/

This concealer was sorta "cakey-feeling" . It made my skin feel kind of weird & It just wasn't really doing it's job . Sorry, but I wouldn't recommend this product .

Elaina Y.
A miss

This is the first conclear that I bought. It was hard to match my colour at the drugstore because you can't try this product, so I just picked up the lightest shade that it came in. There isn't good colour range in this. I find that it was too thick and hard to blend. The colour was kind of chalky as well, so it was definately not invisable. This is a concealer that I would not recommend, save your money.

Vannie L.
C -

I find that yes, this does work as a concealer, but something strange I noticed is that the concealer starts to peal a bit when I try to blend under the eye.