Fresh Complexion Concealer


Erin Z.
My Everyday Concealer

hate all you want on drugstore brands, but this particular concealer has proven to be best concealer i've ever used, and i've tried them ALL! In all seriousness I have extremely dry, acne prone skin. My t zone is very red and discolored, so concealers play an important role in my daily looks.

Even if I'm having a "naked face" day, I almost ALWAYS wear a little concealer, and this is my absolute favorite. Ladies I recommend you give it a shot.

Also, it's severed as a make-shift eyeshadow primer when I'm out of anything else and in a pinch. I've worn bold colors all day long with this underneath, and not seen the slightest bit of creasing, a really great product and an EXTREMELY affordable price.

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Emma R.
This is a great all round product!

To be truthful i don't use this as concealer that often, maybe if i need a light touch up. But I usually put it underneath my normal concealer to begin with. But this is such a great primer, for swatches or for your eye, and i am always using it to highlight my face! I was not a fan of the product before, but now I wish i could find it in-stores! Would not recommend it as a full coverage concealer, but it's worth the buy!

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Isabelina B.
Natural coverage.

I'm only 14, and this concealer was very thin and had natural everyday coverage for my undereye circles. I used this for school and summer, but when i went to special occasions or modeling I went for a heavier coverage stick. If you like it lightweight, then this is for you. :)

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Luzmari D.
Fresh Complexion on the go!

It feels fresh, it lightens very well and it goes nicely with cover girl powders. Perfect for a daily basis on the go! I use it to go to college or work!

Jasmine B.

I love this. I don't use it for under the eyes as much as I use it to cover up any imperfections on my face and I have to say this really works!!

Heidi R.

I must say this product doesn't do anything for me as a concealer. Its too sheer but instead of throwing it away or returning it I decided to find another use for it. I find it works great as a highlight. It brightens nicely without all the shimmer. I also found it as a great way to keep lipstick (especially red ones) from bleeding or if they already bled Ill use it to get clean up the area. I ll definitely be repurchasing this.

Kathryn V.

I have been using this every day for as long as I can remember. It's the only concealer that is light enough for my skin and it covers and blends well. It could be slightly more opaque. You can put about 2-3 layers before it starts to be noticeable. I repurchase this again and again.

Katherine T.

It's a little drying, but nothing a little bit moisturizer can't fix. It covers up spots and under eye shadows well though! Not to mention it's a little cheaper too.

Emily  M.

so I purchased this several months ago, as my first ever concealer. it works pretty good! I mean I really have nothing to compare it to, but I do like it a lot. it covers acne and scars nicely, and it's good for under eyes as well! I've seen people using like a few different concealers for like their eyes and blemishes and this is totally an all around concealer.

Skye D.

I don't like this concealer for under eye, but it is okay for blemishes. It doesn't cover it fully if it is major or really red. I think it is also a bit too liquidy but over all, it is pretty good.