Exact Eyelights Mascara


Lauren S.
Hated this. The whole Exact Eyelights line SUCKS!

This mascara was awful. It litterally made my eyelashes look the EXACT SAME. Didn't even see the gold glitter that was in it! And it made my eyelashes look gross and wet. I love Covergirl, but this line is awful.

Minjee Y.

I bought this because I saw rihanna promoting it and thought it'd be an awesome sparkling mascara uhm NO I was totally wrong... This mascara did NOTHING for my eyelashes. It was bad. It just made them look barely black, and wet. Nothing dramatic. Nothing cute. Just like my lashes but wet. It was stupid and a waste of money. This mascara has nothing in it that benefits my lashes whats so ever.

Ashlee G.
Not for me.

I love a lot of volume and lenght to my lashes and this didnt do that. I liked the sparkle but it really didnt do anything to brighten my eyes at all. If you want a mascara with sparkle I would go with the Lashblast Lux from Covergirl instead hope this helped. xox

Holly K.
i didn't really like it

I liked the sparkle that it gave my lashes, but that's pretty much all it did for me. It didn't really accentuate my eye color. The curl in my lashes dropped almost as soon as it dried. I didn't really notice my lashes looking any longer or thicker than normal either. What i did like was that it didn't clump whenever i used it and it didn't flake off after a while of wearing it.

Heather N.
Great mascara that really brightens your eyes!

I've been using Cover Girl Exact Eyelights Mascara for about a year now and I love it. I have many mascaras that I like, but this is still one of my most-reached-for. I feel like it's very light and it does brighten not only the color of my eyes, but the whites of my eyes. I really love it!

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Anastasia W.
It's nice..

I liked it, and it stays on all day, but it starts to droop down as the day goes on. & when it is time to take it off, water and soap does not take it off as it is directed to do. I used a lot of eye make up remover to take it all off. However, I prefer this over the LashBlast mascara.

Veronica T.

I stole this from my mothers makeup bag. The brush is so fun and flexible. Which i guess is not important. LOL The product doesnt clump or flake. I have dark brown eyes so it didnt make my eyes stand out. which i dont think is a bad thing since its a black mascara

Bernice A.
Looks great with eyes

i wear these best with my brown contacts...they bring out the "BAM" of my eyes that makes me look bright eyed. this color works for dark brown and light brown eyes!! use it!