Instant Heat 3/4" Curling Iron


Denisee M.
Its Alriqht .

I Use To This All Thee TIme. It Did Leave My Hair With Nice Curls. Just Like Any Curling / Flat Irons We All Have Our Ups And Downs With It lol I Will Confess I Change This Curler For A Wand Which Works Much Better ((:

Hannah J.
Best Curling Iron I've Ever Had!

I use this every time I curl my hair and it never lets me down! It makes perfect curls and doesn't pull out my hair! I also have had my friends try it and they all love it. It also works super well on African-American hair. (all my friends are black) I would recommend this to anyone. Perfection!

Carelen C.

Really love this iron for long, more "wavy" curls. I've never tried to do super tight curls with it since that's not really the style of my hair, but the barrel is really smooth and it doesn't tug my hair at all. Also really good when you're in a hurry and every minute counts, since the turbo heats the iron very quickly

Whitney D.

This curling iron works great everytime i use it always heats up quick with theturbo mode always give really nice curls and doesnt rip out your hair in the process i love this product and the price is great too.

Stephanie A.

I've been having this curler for a couple of years now and it always gives me perfect curls. It's so easy to use i can finish curling my hair really fast and the curls last all day for me. It glides through smoothly and it doesn't tug on my hair. I think its great for anyone that doesn't want to spend a lot on a curler. It does the job .

Selina T.

I have a few of these in different sizes. They're cheap and they heat up really quick. I find that the clamps all broke on mine really quick though. Not much to complain about since I got it for under $20 at Wal-Mart!

Arianna R.
great curler!

I love my iron! I've had it for years and it heats up quick and my hair holds the curls all day. I do have curly hair and recommend this iron for anybody with curls. Mine was only about 12/14 bucks. Good quality investment!

Joyce K.

i hate this damn thing, it doesnt work for me at all all the other curlers i've tried are better than this even my frds think its crappy, please invest on sth else.

Octavia B.
Best Curling iron ever!!!!

This is the best curling iron ever and I bought it at wal-mart. It gives you the best curls every and they stay too. It heats up very quickly,with nice heat settings.I use this curling iron everyday and its perfect for all hair types. You need to buy this right now,you wont regret it.

Teia B.

These curlers are very good. They give you the most beautiful curls that you want. I've had these curlers for 7 years and they never gave up on me when I want to achieve beautiful goddess curls or give myself some beach babe waves. Just be sure to clean your curlers after. Hair Hygiene is very IMPORTANT.