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Camo Quad


Lauren M.

I love this concealer quad. I have very fair skin so I bought it in the lightest colors and found it covers under eye circles better than any concealer I have tried. Mine didn't come out cakey as long as I used a foundation to blend with it. I would recommend it.

Donna P.
good concealer

this is a good concealer, if you have very fair skin like me i'd recommend the lightest camo quad, i like to use this concealer with a fluffy brush, so it doesnt go on too cakey.

Katie X.

I don't buy high end makeup. What I used in the past was concealer sticks which sucks. This concealer gives a medium to full coverage. It's so creamy and can be blended if you're fast because it dries quickly. I have fair to medium skin tone and I bought the camo quad in medium.

Idah H.

I had this camo quad for quite sometime,i didn't really like at first.But recently,i start digging for all the not too fav product and found this back.Its such a waste if i let it dried out,so i try applying my foundation beforehand followed by the camo quad using my finger to warm the concealer.There you go,i fall in love with again;)

Celina H.
It's alright.

This was the first item i ever purchased from this lovely site. I got it in medium. all of these are sort of pink/red undertones and with my being yellow, it just didn't work. i use it instead as a base for when i'm doing intense eye looks. it can crease a pit on the lid if you apply to heavily. also use the 2 lighter colors on my brow bone sometimes. the product it self is not bad, quality wise. medium to full coverage.

Simera H.

I bought this concealer in the Medium shade and was a total fail for me. It is very dry, not creamy enough if you have dry skin. It also doesn't blend very well. There are way better concealers for even cheaper like the NYX Concealer In A Jar.

Sugar S.
it's ok...

i used this but it was very hard to blend the colors since the colors didn't match my skin. It is creamy at first but when you put it on the skin it's drying very quickly. & the colors come out too orange.....