Poppy Flower


Deena W.

This is the best scent ever if you are looking for a fragrance that is fun, flirty, fresh. Plus, I have found that A LOT of men are a fan of this fragrance as well :)

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Monique M.

I sprayed this frangrance on my wrist on one of my many visits to sephora. I liked the scent, but I wanted to give it 5 minutes or so to see if it still smelled the same after it settled. Love it! It has a fruity, but very light smell.. Well, got distracted and left sephora without purchasing perfume.

Later that day, smelled my coat sleeve and I still smelled the frangrance. Now I just have to get back to the store and purchase it.

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Sarah M.

My second favorite scent of all time :D It's not overpowering nor is it super flowery. My favorite... i actually don't know what it's called... my ex-'s mom got it for me on my bday (our parents separated us... we didn't like break up =\...he was my first bf <///<) anywho.. she got it for me... and i THINK it's white diamond...but idk.. it's an adorable little thing with a bow lid (really small bottle) but it smells absolutely amazing

anywho...the review for this.... i love the smell... can't say anything bad about it EXCEPT... i wish it were nicer to my wallet >w>

Nicole H.

I love the smell of this. I got it as a gift from a guy friend because he loved it. The smell is sweet but not overpowering. I've been using it for a while now and I haven't gotten sick of the smell like I usually do with other fragrances. I am in love with this perfume.

Taylor B.
Very nice, smellsamazing

It lasts a long time and smells amazing,. You only need a bit for it to really smell great and not too over the top or overpowering. The original is quite nice too.

Stephanie L.

I just got this for Christmas yesterday and I love it! Normally I don't like anything with an overly sweet or floral scent, but I don't find this overpowering at all, and it doesn't have the powdery fragrance that a lot of floral perfumes have. I definitely recommend it!

Esperanza G.

I have this perfume! As soon as I smelt it i knew it was the one! It has a beautiful sweet, soft, fruity, smell to it. Its just wonderful! I hate when you can smell the alcohol in the perfumes. This one has none of that! Its wonderful!

Stephanie K.
Great smell, Doesn't Last long

I don't know if it's just my skin, but this perfume doesn't last long on me. I love the smell, but for the price it can get a little too luxurious for my taste. But it smells amazing! It's not overwhelming, but it is a nice, flirty scent.

Bianca I.
Adore This Scent!

I adore this scent ! It's one of my favorites for sure! All you need is a little to smell fabulous ! It really does last a long time and smells so delicious !