Solar Oil


Lucinda B.
Love it!

I am a nurse and my cuticles tend to get dry and ragged from all the handwashing. I started using Solar Oil every day and my cuticles are 100% better. They are no longer dried out. This is a lifesaver.

Jenna G.

I originally used solar oil on my nails because my cuticules get so dry during the winter and my doctor told me to try something like that. I started doing nails about four years ago and the salon i work out had Solar Oil as one of the products we use on clients, and it is one of my favorites. Its made with almond oil and smells amazing, its so nice and hydrating and leaves your cuticles and hands feeling amazing ! This is one of our salons top sellers

Ning C.

My favorite nail and cuticle oil. I love that it smells like almonds, because it's made with almond oil! It really helps my manicures stay shiny and last longer because when my nails dry out, they start chipping on the tips. I just wish this oil would soak in faster or come in a pen form. I've ruined many papers with my greasy post-Solar Oil fingers!