Take The Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips


Maria M.
My Favorite!!

I was getting low on my bottle of this so before I ran out I repurchased this because it's all I use to take off my eye and lip makeup on a daily basis. My biggest issue has always been trying to find a makeup remover that won't sting my eyes because most cloths and removers are scented and even if they claim not to be they still sting my eyes and I can't deal with that. That's what I love about Clinique and this product especially, not only is it 100% fragrance free but it doesn't sting my eyes at all! Plus it does what it's supposed to do and removes all my eye makeup. You need to shake it up good because it's an oil based remover so there will be residue left on your skin after you use it. I use it on a cotton ball, one per eye and I use both sides of the ball, you don't need that much product. But, when I'm wearing mascara I go over the lashes again with a fresh cotton ball with the makeup remover on it to make sure I got it all and I haven't had any problems at all. You do need to rise your face after you use it because, like I said it will leave a silky, oily, residue but I'd do that and expect that from any remover I use.

Overall I love this and if you have sensitive eyes or are sensitive to scents I would give Clinique a try for sure!! Also, about the price, you get a lot of product, and there are always free gifts with purchases in places like Macys, Boscovs,Bloomingdales, or Nordstrom so check your local counter or online for that.

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Seu Mei F.

Easily removes my waterproof mascara without leaving panda eyes. And no need to go back after cleansing to remove any remaining eye makeup because it just gets the job done the first time! Especially since removing makeup is my least favorite part of my night routine, this hassle-free remover makes the process easier and is definitely worth it. Love it!

Patricia S.
Heavy Makeup? No Problem

I just started using this less than a week ago but i'm hooked. Even gave it a go with a smokey eye today and it wiped clean off with little effort. My new favorite remover.

Rebakah G.
Love it!

This is my go to remover. Doesn't irritate my eyes and removes very well. Great product. I love most of the Clinique skin care line. I don't find this oily at all

Tyni R.
No sting and removes make up

I think Clinique is a good brand because it's hypoallergenic and its make up remover does the job well.

It doesn't sting my eyes even if I just generously swipe and rub the product (on a cotton ball) on my eye lids and lash lines. This is a good "eraser" to use and have by your side when using pencil / liquid / gel liner.

Sammi W. Team
best eye makeup remover

I am addicted to this remover and stock up on it! I highly recommend buying because it's the best!! It's oil based, and thus no tugging your delicate eyeskin. I usually put a couple dabs on a cotton pad and hold it over my eyemakeup for a couple seconds before swiping it across the lid. Even though it's more pricey than the neutrogena remover/ drugstore brand removers, you can buy it and get the free gift sets, and beauties, think: what is the cost of a wrinklefree face when you're 50? yeaaa... thought so.

Rachel F.
Great for contact lens wearers!

I used Neutrogena's product for a long time, and even though it got the job done, my eyes were very sensitive to it. I typically had to take my contacts out just to remove my eye makeup because of a nasty film that was left over. Plus, it left an oily residue on my lids even after cleansing.

I received a sample of this, and I absolutely love it! The texture is much lighter and not as oily. It definitely does a great job at removing my waterproof eyeliner with just a swipe from a cotton ball. What I really love is that it doesn't irritate my eyes and contacts, so this one is definitely a keeper!

Dani C.
Only one I use

I've tried several types of makeup remover, but none have worked as well as this one. It gets everything off! Now, I haven't tried the higher-end removers (I know Lancome has a good reputation) but this is not overly expensive and it works great. Gets all my WP mascara and eyeliner and shadows off. Works better when you hold it on your eye for a few seconds and then wipe off. Highly recommend!

Angela A.
Best Makeup remover I've tried.

This gets more makeup off of my face than any other remover I've tried. I have oily eyelids so I have to wear waterproof mascara and this gets it off so quickly and easily. I will repurchase for as long as they make it! Do not use to remove foundation if you have ance prone skin as it will break you out. But it works wonders for eyes and lips!!

Alexa W.
Best makeup remover i have tried yet!

This is the best, it worked so well for me and it taks my makeup of so easily without any hastle! It takes off my days work on the face so easily, i use it before i wash my face because my face wash doesn't remove my makeup very well! It works so well you don't even have to use a lot just a little bit on a q-tip will even work! It will last you a long time!