Superbalanced Powder Makeup SPF 15


Kayci B.
Never Using Anything Else!!

I Love this powder. It works great with my skin. You can wear it with a liquid foundation for more coverage but works great alone as well. Easy to apply and remove. Doesn't break my skin out which is always great.

Alletta F.

This is 'my' foundation. Easy to apply, easy to remove. Enough coverage, and it's a light product on my skin. I've been using Clinique foundation for a while, simply because they do my skin tone. I've tried BellaPierre mineral foundation, but the shade wasn't right for me (try to convince a saleslady that that's not actually my skin colour!!) and left me looking yellow-ish and quite ill (but the darker shade I had works fine in summer: same old problem with my undertone being apparently not european). So I tried Clinique, and I love it. Interestingly enough it works with every mood my sensitive skin has.

Hasini J.
Clinique hasn't disappointed !

I'm a huge fan of mineral make-up and this didn't fail to impress. I love the dispenser of this product as you can control it very well and it grinds the product as you dispense it. It's also quite large and well worth the money. It mattifies dry areas and provides flawless and full coverage. Definitely a re-purchase product

Adamarie L.

I've been having acne prone skin for quite some time. I love makeup, so I had to look for the perfect one with the perfect ingredients which can't cause me more breakouts on my super sensitive skin. I bought this product two months ago, and since then, I haven't had any breakouts. It really covers my blemishes and my scars and it's very light. I will definetly stick to this one. I love it!

Give it a try!

Dani C.
love this mineral makeup!

I used to use Bare Escentuals and thought it was ok. I ended up trying Clinique because I thought the Bare Escentuals didn't let my skin breathe and it was noticeable if you put too much on. Not Clinique! I LOVE this makeup. I keep trying other ones and come back to this. It's got the perfect sheer coverage and it wears really nicely through the day. You can't put too much on! It also lasts a long time - I've only bought 2 in 1 year and I'm not even half way through the 2nd. The only con I can think of is that due to the grinder, you can't really tell when you're going to run out. But otherwise - perfect!