Different Lipstick

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Sandi G.
My new everyday

I just got this last month and I love it. It is very creamy and feels sheer, but is actually very pigmented. You will probably need a liner. My shade, "A Different Grape" is very flattering on brunettes.

Michelle P.

ok this is a MUST HAVE lipstick! if you want dark red lips and want your look to be a little wild then buy it! I have this for 2 years and it's still my favorite! all clinique products are THE BEST!

Jacqlyn W.

This shade is amazing. It has a buildable pigmentation so you can have a lighter red or a dark red. It compliments my skin tone perfectly and is perfect for everyday.

Marilyn C.
Lovely Pink

This is my favorite pink. It is not too bright and is not too light either. Is perfect to complement any eye makeup and I think it would look great on any skin tone.

Toya A.
Perfect Everyday Lipstick!

I actually got this and another lipstick of the same brand when I bought their loose powder and I like it! It really does go on smooth, doesn't stain or feel heavy. I love red lipstick, but this is a shade that I can wear everyday to work without looking like the office

Dani V.

this one and the plum brandy lipstick are my favourite ones. They are don't have that tacky colour and very subtle. They also last long than other lipstick.

CuteandGirlyDMS D.

I actually own a few colors! i like them cause they are nat and i can use a gloss on top to make them shimmer. they do last a lot! i like the lipstic! some of them also have spf which is good. i really like them. i have to admit thought that they are a little bit expensive...

Michelle H.
OK if you like Matte

I have the very lipstick in this image.

The container is very cute but I honestly could care less for the lipstick. It's ok but I prefer lip gloss. I've used Matte and will use it til it's gone because I'm not wasteful but I would not rebuy. Matte lipstick isn't my thing.