Colour Surge Eye Shadow Quad


Kat S.

This product is magical I swear!!!! I use these colors for my everyday look everyday! Lol I am in love, and when I hit pan I am sooo definently buying another! My only complaint is that the pink is a little too powdery, I have to put on a lot of primer.

Sara M.
Best natural eyeshadows! TEDDY BEAR!

Besides the fact that I am in love love love with Clinique. I went around stores so much to find the perfect natural eyeshadows. And in fact I did hear about the MAC natural eyeshadows but for my birthday I received the Teddy Bear eyeshadows from Clinique and I was amazed from how beautiful they stayed! I use them a lot for school, and they actually create a super nice and natural smokey eye to use everywhere. I love this product!

Sarah T.
This is amazing!

This swatch is great for going bronzy smokey or just a light daytime look beause it is so blendable i wear these colors with anything im wearing. And i love wearing all the colors different ways its so versitile.

Mery P.
The pigmentation just made me shocked.

This thing is soooooo pigmented! You barely touch it and your finger inmidiattly gets tons of color on it. The colors are very very pretty, I've used it once before a party to make a big smokey blue eyes, and as long as you apply base or primer underneath it it stays through the whole day/night. I really want to get a new one cuz the light color -which is an amazing highlighter- is empty already and it was so usefull (:

peppy g.
All the time...

OMG. WHY are matte brown eye-shadows so rare? I'm very grateful that this exists and will be so upset if Clinique ever discontinues this. Mostly wear the two colors on the left and the one of the far-right. The darkest color falls-out a bit, which is kind of upsetting, but I can tolerate it because they colors are lovely in general (as they're cool-toned and the only other set of matte browns that I own is Revlon Wet/Dry in "Fleshtone" and that's warm-y). Don't use the applicators, tho, I prefer my tiny brushes.

Vanessa W.

I like how buildable these shadows are. I received Teddy Bear as part of a gift set and I really do like the shades. Very wearable for everyday. However, I've since found many dupes for the shades found in Teddy Bear. Also, the rest of the quads don't look that appealing to me, so I probably won't be buying any more of these.

Alison A.
excellent smokey eye

Love plum seduction! makes a great smokey eye or a lovely purple dramatic look! stipple the color onto the eye for more intense pigment, then softly blend the edges later. pair with peacock for a highly intense statement eye!

Eliana V.
great quad

this was my first eye shadow quad!! the color are perfect for a starter because they have like natural tones so you won't look too overdone. In my experience, they allowed me to experiment with different looks for an everyday makeup.

Katie C.
Love at first sight, not a long wear

I loved this palette when I was given it as a gift! I like all of the colors and they make for awesome dark looks at night, or soft day time looks. I love the colors and how they go on, however I noticed that on myself and a friend (when i did her makeup) that after a few hours the color started fading. BUMMER.