Clean & Clear

Deep Cleaning Astringent


Kendra H.
Great For My Skin!

I use the one in the blue bottle (the formula for sensitive skin) when my skin starts breaking out. I just put a little on a cotton ball and spread it onto the areas when the acne is starting to pop up. Within a day or two my acne will be much smaller and less noticeable if not gone completely! This product is drying so it's important to have a good moisturizer. I also wouldn't recommend it for more than twice a day and only use when you are having a break out. However, it is an excellent product to clear up acne and I haven't found a better product for what I need especially with my sensitive skin!

Sierra B.
Clears up breakouts quickly, but not the best for dry skin.

I use this everyday without fail, and it helps clear up my breakouts. But I wouldn't recommend this to you if you have dry or sensitive skin. This will dry your skin even more and might make your skin flare up.

Love this for normal to combo skin, but not for dry or sensitive skin types.

Tasha L.
It works.

It clears acne quicker than anything I have used without it drying out or irritating my skin in the process. I use it in my everyday routine (if I have pimples). **honestly, I love it, just not the smell**

Hannah D.
good product, good value!

I love this astringent because it has 2% salicylic acid, whereas most other astringents/toners have less than 1% or none at all. I have stubborn acne so I can use all the help I can get! It's gentle enough that I can use it both morning and evening without irritating my skin and it really does help my acne!

Molly R.
It Works.

I use this everyday, I have acne pron skin and this dose help keep it away, really good actually. The only this is the smell of it makes your eyes sting for a few seconds and in the winter I get really dry skin and this makes it even drier. But I will keep using it to keep the acne away and double up on the moisturizer. I recommend this if you don't have sensitive skin but they do make it in a sensitive skin version :D. I have and always will re buy this, It really dose work.

Shayla C.

If you read my blog How To Fight Acne: Morning And Night Routine:) I talk about using a astringent when you get out of the shower and this is the one I personally use for my face. I have been using it for a few months and i absolutely love it and definitely recommend it :)

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