Clean & Clear

Makeup Dissolving Facial Cleansing Wipes


Claire-Louise D.

I use this product to remove my makeup every night. It really isn't for someone who wants to skip washing their face. It does leave your skin a little greasy and I always wash my face regularly after using the whips. Waterproof mascara is a little hard to get off with these, but hey it is waterproof mascara it's going to be hard to get off with anything you use.

Amanda B.
Wasnt the best

This product left my face feeling greasy like I needed to wash my face. I do not recommend this to anyone with oily skin or who brakes out easy. Biore makes better face wipes for people who worry about acne.

Sophie N.

Well, it's either you love it or you hate it. I personally loved it! I use it everyday, and if you have sensitive skin, like me, you should get this! I loved it!

meghan p.
i hated them

there was no makeup removing action it irritated my skin it was just awful i hated it i cant belive how crappy it really ws if it worked for you than that is awsome but i did not like them at all

Official Stina  D.

I went camping a few months ago & wanted to get wipes for my face so that everyday before bed, I could wipe my face clean from all the dirt & grunge. This was my first time using it & I fell in love with instantly! It wiped everything off but was still gentle to my sensitive skin. I did have to use a moisturizer afterwards though to keep my face nice & moist.

Desiree E.

They are just horrible! These did nothing for me. My face felt so greasy and it didnt do a good job at removing my makeup. To me these are the worst makeup remover wipes eveeeer!

Arielle N.

I've only purhased these once and just ran out in the last few days, but I LOVE them. Of course I don't know that there's any product like this that removes absolutely every little trace of makeup on your face, it's a given that you will still have to do your regular cleansing/care regimen. BUT, when I used these before washing my face, I didn't leave all the makeup residue behind on towels that I always seems to (which drives me batty) I'd definitely use these again. I also thought the smell was pleasant and they didn't appear to aggitate my sensitive, acne-prone skin, either.

Miss N.
Iffy product

When I first tried these wipes I was in love with how quick they wiped my makeup off. After using them for the 3rd time (third package), I came to the realization that I don't like them and for the following reasons:

- The cloths are too big and there is to much product on 1 wipe leaving my face sticky and oily looking. - The packages are too small - The break me out (I noticed it more on the 3rd package)

Wont be buying these again. I will stick to baby wipes lol.

Ann Marie D.

I hated these! I bought them after reading the article "Best Budget-Friendly Makeup Remover Wipes" and absolutely hated them! They leave your face feeling slimy as it drys and drys making your skin feel weird. I would not recommend these to anyone!