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Advantage Popped Pimple Relief Gel Pen


Ashley H.
LOVE this and will only use this and the one in the tube

I use this and the one in the tube as well as the blemish treatment from burts bees. i leave this one in my purse in case of an emergency of me finding a pimple comming and i just pull this out and put it on that area and it helps me a ton clears up some redness and relieves stress knowing that its working and doing its job when im away from home. the one in the tube i use at night after i cleaned my face and it by far the best one that i ever used and will only and keep using for years to come

Nora V.

This is a pretty good product. Even though it says it's for popped pimples, it's helped with the new ones on my face. It takes a few applications sometimes, but it really does help.