Moisture-Rich Body Lotion


Melanie K.
This moisturiser is a work-horse!

I initially first tried this, when I received it as a lavish free sample that accompanied a skin care order. I have since, however, purchased a full-size tube, as these days I have come a long way from my earlier years where my body and skin care were never recognised in the same sentence and was neglected accordingly. Now I consider my body skin care just as important as my face and moisturising my damp skin immediately after showering daily is essential for keeping my body in tiptop shape.

Despite the title, I would definitely classify this moisturiser as a cream rather than a lotion because it’s extremely rich and nourishing with a thick texture. All the while, as hydrating as it is, the cream absorbs almost instantly with no greasy residue and my skin is left feeling silky smooth and supple in appearance. It works a charm to replenish dry patches and the results are long lasting. It’s quite heavily fragranced but it’s a natural, pleasant scent that tantalises the senses and doesn’t tend to linger around after application. It’s definitely a work-horse, which makes it an ideal moisturiser for year round body skin care.