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Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate

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Esther S.

I Love this product!

I'm so glad beautylish final listed this item. I've been using it for about 2months now, and i'm not kidding you i've noticed the difference in a week. I had really bad acne scars on hollows of my cheeks and after using this serum for about couple day the color literally toned down to my normal skin color. (the discoloration isn't completely away) but i'm excited about the results. People have been commenting about my skin and how radiant it got and i rave about this product to them. The combination of oil and other aqueous substance give the overall serum a nice balance. I think the way you use this product is very important, (go to department stores and they should be able to assist you on how to apply the serum). I would say my skin glows and discoloration toned down, scent is lovely along with the texture. I think this would be my perfect serum if it helped reduced pores but that'll make it too perfect i guess. I have dry skin and the oil combo in the serum makes it moisturizing, although i use additional moistrutizers on top of it but for oily skin i think you can just apply this serum and skip all other skincare stuff. It's not because it makes your face oily but it gives a good balance of moisture byitself! I've tried the genefique, estee lauder advance night repair, and this so far, this is my favorite. And i'll most likely purchase a second bottle, unless another groundbreaking serum enters the market.

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Tina T.

I have been using this serum for 20 years on and off in my skin routine.. I started using it when I was 25 and now at 45 I do not have many wrinkles and NONE on my neck. This is a wonderful hydrating serum.

Renee L.
Amazing Results

This serum is somewhat pricey but worth every single penny. The dual formula combines in your hand, and, when applied properly, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, makes my face appear far less puffy, evens out my complexion, hydrates my skin all day long, and is, well, just AMAZING. I have normal skin....YES, ME, finally!! Before using this product my complexion was uneven with dry patches here and oily patches there....two months have transformed my complexion. I'd recommend this serum to anyone wanting to reduce wrinkles, gain consistency in their complexion, have glowing skin.

Christine V.

I did try this serum about a year ago it did help with my dry skin, but not impressed with results for decreasing fine lines. Did not purchase again