Beauty-Flash Balm

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Tara L.

I LOVE this stuff! I use it after I moisturize and before makeup as a primer, on top of makeup to give me a dewier look, and I even mix it in with my blush if I want a softer color. I also like applying it on the plane just before landing, it makes you look fresher. Something else people don't realize is that you can use it as a mask. Apply it all over your face and neck and leave it for 10 minutes, then wash off!

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Krysty C.
Does not work in tropical weather :(

When I used this during the cold season in Macau, it worked really really well. Gave me a good "boost" of healthy-looking skin.

Problem is I live in the Philippines, where it's constantly hot. Started pilling, made me look oily and emphasised pores.

Too bad.

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LibertyPaige X.

I have been using this for about 2/3 years now and its sooo worth paying a little extra for it compared to other moisturisers. i can not fault it one bit, it leaves your skin so soft and smooth and is so hydrating but not oily, its great from oily/dry or combination skin, everyone should own a tube of this

Chelsea H.
Glowing skin = yes please

I love this stuff as a base/primer. It makes me have a gorgeous dewy glow and meshes with my Laura Mercier Silk Créme so well. I'm interested to see how it works in the long run but for now I love it!

Alina R.
Perfect Primer

This product really really well! I use it alone or under make up to give me a boost in case my skin look too tired and needs a little more of an even look.

Lily B.
Favorite Mask

My skin has never felt better or looked better. It gives your tired skin that 'baby soft' feeling. It is not heavy - duty, but just enough for a pick me up. I have sensitive skin, so I like light and refreshing products.

Joyce S.
Instantaneous Boost for the skin

Great prepping tool that holds onto makeup even under humid weather. Tightens the skin and boost your complexion immediately. Minus half a star for the price, though its worth every penny

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Mannie G.

College starts soon so I will def need this as a refresher. I have to go grab this so I can review it on my blog since it has great reviews.

Rosie B.
Not brilliant for me

I was so eager to try this, but for whatever reason I haven't really noticed anything spectacular about it. I've had it for about 3 months, and every now and again will try it because I really want it to work! I find my makeup doesn't last any longer with this, and that my skin feels dehydrated and 'tight' about 2 hours after applying it. I try not to rub it in, and I apply my foundation (Giorgio Armani silk) immediately after just as they recommend, but still it's no good for me :(

MarYse S.
pricy for a filmy!!!

Doesn't penetrate your skin, after applying it you can actually rub it off between your fingers. Lillte waxy pricy balls of creams! Plus smells perfume! skincare should not smell like perfume!