Cinema Secrets

5-in-1 Ultimate Foundation Palette


Angel S.

I had always used either liquid or powder foundations, then I found Cinema Secrets. I can't see myself ever going back! I use the #1 and #3 palette. I can mix my shades as summer is here you never skin never stays the same! Love the texture and coverage. Lasts all day! Use with a great primer and your set!

Paula L.
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A go to product in my kit. Kit #2 is one of the two of their corrective palettes. This one is handy for under -eye circles as they have more of the beigey/peach shades to counter-act blue under tones. I reach for it 99% of the time on my shoots. The texture is creamy and blends so well into the skin. It layers so well without creasing and is great on most skin types. If you're new to cream foundation, I suggest taking some of the product on the back of your hand and warming it up, then applying it thin layers.