China Glaze

Strong Adhesion Base Coat

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Fifi D.

Why did I not use Base Coat in the first place? I bought this because another polish I bought stained my nails like crazy, so I bought this one. Oh gosh. Dries insanely fast, and helps your polish to last. As a side note, it's great to put on annoying little brothers who crash your nail painting parties and want their nails done too because of the quick dry time.

Elaina Y.
Great base

The first China Glaze product I tried was this base. It was really well priced and easy to apply. The formula is nice and thin, the brush is very flexible so it gives you good control just like the China Glaze coloured polishes. The formula does help to keep your nails from getting stained when you use dark colours and it fills over ridges if you do have any. This product dries quickly and makes the polish application go on nice and smooth. I do find that this product does not make you nails as hard as other bases that I've tried. Also this isn't too great of an adhesive for applying gems and other nail art (I have had gems fall off when using this base. Otherall I do like this product because of the price point, but it's not the best that I've tried

Julie D.
really nice!

I bought this as well as the Fast Forward Top Coat and together they work really nicely! This polish goes on really nicely and it dries so quickly that you only have to wait about 5 seconds and by the time that you're done doing your other hand you can start putting on your polish! The only thing that I don't like is that it does get thick after a while and then it's a bother to put on.

Zaji-Kali B.
Not the best base coat but I does have some good qualities.

I had very high hopes for this product. Unfortunately, it didn't deliver. I opened the bottle after purchasing it and it reeks of grape cough syrup. That may have just been my batch but I can not stand the smell of medescine so that was my first turn off. I then began to polish my nails with it and it is so thich and gloopy that I had all kinds of run off on the sides of my nails. I haven't experienced such a thick base coat before but this one it quite thick. Even though it was thick, it dried rather quickly so that was a plus. I put 2 coats of a china glaze nail color (can't remember which) and then their top coat. I had it on for about 2 days before it started chipping. Not too strong of an adhesion... I then just tried it on its own and I couldn't even get out of the shower before it chipped. Bottom line: Pros -it prevents staining on the nails Cons -chips -thick -wide brush

Maybe if you used other bronds of nail polish on top it wont chip as easy but I tossed mine. I hope this helps... :)

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