China Glaze

Island Escape Collection


Dora C.
Totally hot colors by China Glaze

I love China Glaze Island Escape colors. The Senorita Bonita is one of the brightest & prettiest vibrant purples you will ever see! The Blue Iguana is an unusual shade of blue, it is bright, shimmery, glittery, yet smooth and sparkly without the grit of a real glitter polish. Both of these colors are gorgeous, and when you see them in the sun? OMG You will never want another purple or blue on your paws or claws again! Now, the 108 Degrees is a pretty fuschia dark pink shimmery beauty too. I love this one as well, it is my 3rd fav of the bunch, actually those are the only three I like at all of this collection. I do not like the orange, green or yellow neons with them. They look like gross jello that you are forced to eat. They are all shimmery, and if you like those colors, you will love these. I like greens and oranges-but these are just off. I have olive-green skin, cannot wear these on my skin.

China Glaze stays on great, when you use a base coat and a top coat along with it. It is one of the best overall pro polishes there are on the market today. They have so many other colors that are unique and gorgeous. You can find all colors of the spectrum, mattes, nudes, brights, neons, glitters, jellies, shimmers, along with their new magnetic line. You cannot go wrong with any color they make. I have been using China Glaze for years, and advise others to try it as well. You will love it as well.

Sarah D.

Amazingly bright fun colors !!! They have a candy like pop to them ;D . If you like neon colors you will LOVE this ! . I love my nails being bright and fun . Ex. Now in the summer <3 . This is really worth buying .. Go get it !

Andrea S.
108 Degrees is HOT !!!

I bought the shade "108 Degrees" from this collection ('Flirtatious berry pink with specks of micro glitter') and it is by far the most amazing colour of pink nail lacquer I've ever had - and I've been through a lot of them. Amazing depth of colour, high-shine, really pretty shimmer and doesn't chip until about 2 weeks of wearing it even withou a top coat ! Fantastic, I'd recommend these polishes to anyone.

Jacquelyn J.
Love the colors!!

I have Cha Cha Cha, Blue Iguana, 108 Degrees and Senorita Bonita and they are just gorgeous colors!!!!

Lyzz M.
love it!

I bought Senorita Bonita, Blue Iguana, and Cha-Cha-Cha. Amazingly bright fun colors! all three have great wearability, i can go for a week without changing polish and even then i mostly have only tip wear.

Senorita Bonita: My absoloute favorite of the three a bright fun purple jelly with hot pink glass flecks, great to pair with pink (Zoya's Reece). Looks terrible with Yellow ("CG's Lighthouse" it ended up looking like PB&J).

Blue Iguana: If you are looking for a blue that screams beach fun in the sun this is for you. it is a Bright blue jellyish polish with true blue glass flecks. this color screams tropical sea. looks great on it's own or in a beach design. looks terrible paired with purple.

Cha-Cha-Cha: Shimmery/metallic yellow-green with a hint of golden shimmer great for spring & summer. lovely when paired with a darker green design, not to be paired with oranges.