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Amanda A.
Super Fun!

I got three of these within a couple weeks time and wanted to try it once I had all of them...It was worth the wait! It kind of let the excitement build (because I'm a nail polish junkie and sometimes I'm too spoiled and left not really in awe) & this was pretty awesome to try! I can't compare to OPI because I figured this has a pretty good crackle effect-and I love it.

Sara B.

This crackle is okay. I think OPI has a better crackle. I tried grey crackle and it looked really bad and flat. It chips very easily, and takes forever! I recommend some other brand not this.

Jessica G.
Not the greatest

Have several of these, bought them on sale. Once I tried them I was very dissapointed. It doesn't look very pretty and it takes forever to do your nails. Plus it chips almost right away. Not a fan.

Brittney H.
Not a fan.

I wasn't a very big fan of these. I bought a few at Sally's because they were on sale, and I wanted to give them a try. For me, they color came out to streaky and the overall look was pretty bad. They didn't really crack like I had thought they would. It was more like long straight cracks oppose to the mosaic effect they should give. For the most part they cracked, just not like they were supposed to. I would recommend the OPI or for less expensive brands, The Sally Hansen and Avon versions worked really well too.

Tanya L.

I love the China Glaze crackle more than the sally hansen or the OPI. My biggest thing with OPI is the size of the brush, I don't care for how large and clumsy the brush is. These have a smaller brush that is easier to control and the coverage is great with only the one coat.

Minjee Y.
don't like it.

this stuff sucks. unless you're into that crackle craze. I don't like this because it dries. like the polish in the tube dries out and it's all ugly and it get's funky..... I just do not like how the nailpolish is maintained or maintains itself.

Chelsea S.

I really enjoy the china glaze crackle, I like this one more then I like the o.p.i. I find the o.p.i does not crack as well. the china glaze you have to give it a few seconds to crack, and some times it might not crack as well as it did other times. Myself I find have a pretty thin coat, but not to thin, but it it is to thick it will not crack as well, so make sure you have a middle amount of polish on your brush. :)

Alyssa S.
I reach for these often.

I love these polishes. They are definitely over-looked compared to the OPI shatter polishes and in my opinion for no reason! They crack as well or sometime even better than the shatters. They don't require for the polish under them to be 100% dry and I find the crack patten a bit more desirable even. I just wish CG would give me more of a color selection.

Ariane C.

OPI's are better, but it's the colours that I love about these. For Audrey is one of my favs of all time, and Crushed Candy is basically For Audrey is crackle form. If you apply the coats quick thin, they work perfectly. These are good to have in a crackle collection, IMO.

Ashleigh R.
"Lightning Bolt" picture
Photo of product included with review by Ashleigh R.

I'm not sure if I can add 2 pictures in reviews, so I just made a separate review for this. This is the picture for "Lightning Bolt" It seems to look like white-out to me, however it does crackle really good!