Silk Infusion Reconstructing Complex


Komal D.
Silky Smooth!

I am a girl with curly hair. And I mean ridiculously curly. And with that comes the territory of also having hair that loves to get big and frizzy and wild. So you can imagine the time and energy it takes for me to straighten my hair. I have to sit there with my straightener going over pieces of hair multiple times to get it straight, which of course leaves my hair fired like a french fry. But when I started using this product, my hair actually made it through all the straightening. Afterwards, my hair didn't feel coarse and gross, nor did it have that dry and dead look. My hair was really smooth and flowed like it does in L'Oreal commercials. I definitely recommend this product because it gets the job done really well. The only thing is to be mindful that you don't use too much. As soon as that happens, your hair will start to take on a sticky and slimy kind of feel which is definitely not going to make a positive statement. Happy styling!