Keratin Mist


Lauralai C.
This is a Must Have

I recently added this product to my post-shower hair routine and I have been loving it. It protects and stengthens my hair by adding the essential vitamins and nutrients it lacks. I've literally seen an imporovement in my dry and brittle hair in a little over a months time.

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Maha M.

I use some of this everyday! It strengthens and conditions, and with the ingredients, it also conditions the scalp. I make sure to spray some directly on my scalp 1-2 times a week. Must have product that I will soon be repurchasing.

Lisa S.
Great product!

This stuff is amazing. I spray it on my damp hair and it works wonders for my hair, not only that, but you get a lot of product in the bottle!! The only thing that is weird about it, is the smell. It smells like a man in my opinion. Its NOT a BAD smell however!

Courtney M.
So glad i bought this!

I knew that Chi was a good brand of product so when i saw this on sale i had to buy it AND I'M SO GLAD I DID! Ive have seen an improvement in my dry brittle hair and it smells good which is a plus.

Jessica B.

I've only been using it for two days, and I already see the difference! I like to use it whenever. On damp hair and also on my dry hair. It just makes it look so good! I use it as much as possible, and I really don't think the price is too bad considering CHI is usually pretty pricey. When my hair is dry, and since my hair has light curls in it, I spray it on there and crunch them a bit, and they look really beautiful and natural. I recommend it to anyone who thinks their ends can't be fixed!

Kyra S.
I couldn't live without this product!

Use after the shower on wet hair, and you'll see less frizz, more control, and a deeper and richer colour! I love it!

I'm currently on some medication that has caused my hair to break off and frizz dramatically on different sections of my head. This product has allowed for better a more healthy looking head of hair, as well as stronger growth and less breakage.

Angela W.
I use this all the time!

When I first started to take my dirty blonde color to platinum I noticed my hair was feeling brittle and looking a hot mess. I read that bleach strips protein so I researched products that are protein based. Enter CHI Keratin Mist!

I noticed a difference after the very first use. After a shower I spray this over all of my hair lightly while it's still wet. In no time I noticed my hair seemed fuller and stronger, with less frizz. This is really one of the only products I use for after shower care and it's done wonders.

Katy B.
Great for fine hair!

I love this product. Several months ago I went to a salon to purchase a bottle of the CHI Silk Infusion, which I also love. I was talking to a stylist in the salon and she suggested that instead I try the Keratin Mist since I have such fine hair, and I am so glad that she did! I love it. I spray it through my towel dried hair every time after I shower. I can definitely tell a difference when I use this product! My hair is stronger, softer and all in all more manageable without weighing it down. I highly suggest this for fine hair!

Catie W.
LOVE LOVE LOVE. Perfect for long hair!

I absolutely love this hair product. It works amazing, and you get a whopping 300 ML. I put it on my damp hair, when it's about 75% dry. Leaves my hair soft, shiny, and manageable. And it freakin smells like some sort of sophisticated sexaay male human person. ;) hahaha. Would recommend applying a serum (like Biosilk Silk Therapy) after for even bettah results. Absolutely love this product, and so does my sister. We both have Asian hair, mine is a little on the medium-thin side, and hers' is very, Very, VERY thick and coarse.

Catie C.
Great Hair Product

Great hair product! My hair is thick for caucasian hair, but very, very, very thin for asian hair. It's all the way down to my bum..This keratin mist works so well. It keeps my hair shiny and SOOOO SOFT! My hair feels thicker when I use it, and it gives it a nice shine! I don't feel as guilty when I swim in chlorine in the summer w/ my hair, because this keeps it strong and very healthy feeling. :) IT SMELLS LIKE MALE. I feel like this is what some sort of really good looking male would smell like. :) hee hee hee