CHI Silk Infusion - Reconstructing Complex


Em D.
Smells like amazing loveliness

I love this product! I only ever get the smallest size bottle and it has lasted me all year (a little goes a long way). The smell is amazing and it leaves my hair soft and silky and shiny, but not greasy(: also, if your hair is dirty and you want it to smell a little better I always used to take an itty bitty amount of this and run it through the ends of my hair it left it smelly like pure loveliness! 💕

Emilie W.
Great product

After using the CHI silk infusing hair could look shinier and even healthier too, it feels softer and can protect from heat damage if you use a straightener or curling iron

Allison M.

My hairdresser recommended that I use this product so I decided to try it out and I love it. It makes my hair so soft and it really helps my hair not to be frizzy and poofy!

Angel O.

I am in love with this product. It makes hair smell good like a salon, gives silkiness, softness, and smoothness! I've loved this product for years. Everytime I use it, I feel like one of those girls on the garnier or hair commercials! This is on my black friday list and I will be repurchasing soon

Jackie A.
So soft

I put this product in my hair almost everyday. It leaves my hair feeling so silky soft and it smells good. It feels like Paul Mitchell hair serum. I live it and for that it gets a 5 star rating from me!

Connie Y.

I absolutely adore the chi silk infusion. I apply a dime size amount onto my entire hair focusing mostly on the tips of my hair & I blow dry my hair with cold air. This product makes my hair feeling really really soft & it feels as soft as silk. When I play with my hair and whip it back and forth you can hear the whishing noise & it just feels like you're in one of those hair commercials. hehe

Rachel R.

Chi silk infusion is great detangler, however a little goes a long way. Especially if you have naturally oily hair, you have to be sure to not use much as it will cause very oily hair. However, it works wonders for my sister who has thick dark hair and does not ever have to worry about oily hair. This product is not the cheapest, so if you are willing to spend a bit on a small bottle, this would work for you.

Mandy C.

I absolutely love CHI! It does wonderous things to my hair and I don't have ot try hard (as usual) to get my hair to do what I want it to!

LaToya G.
I use this on all my clients!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Silk Infusion it penetrates into the hair shaft instead of laying on top of the hair like most products!!! What could be better than infusing Silk Straight Into your Hair!

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Anita D.
A Miracle!!

im half black and half Mexican and when i use this on my hair it really helps and i love it.It removes the frizz in my hair and my hair is silky straight and smooth and i recommend this for all girls (or guys) who have frizzy hair like me:)