CHI Silk Infusion - Reconstructing Complex


Luna V.

I managed to snag a sample of this product at a hair show and thought it sounded like a good leave-in option for my dry, colour-damaged hair. The product itself is very viscous and a little goes quite a long way--less than a dime-sized amount smoothed nicely into my short-bob-length hair. It leaves the hair feeling silky and preps it for heat styling--blow drying, flat ironing, though it doesn't really have the hold factor for curling--but works well enough on air-dried hair as well. It can be worked into dry hair to smooth flyaways and give shine too.

While using this, I thought it bore remarkable similarities to Biosilk, which was an old favourite of mine. Farouk Systems actually owns both CHI and Biosilk, and the ingredients appear to be exactly the same--at my supplier, both products retail the same as well.

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Angelica D.
Two Thumbs Up

I've been using this product on and off for years. When I use this before I blow dry my hair, it always turns out better than when I do not. It lasts for a long time and is worth the money. To get to the point, it does everything it claims to do.

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LaToya G.
I use this on all my clients!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Silk Infusion it penetrates into the hair shaft instead of laying on top of the hair like most products!!! What could be better than infusing Silk Straight Into your Hair!

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Yadira F.

My hair gets really frizzy sometimes and the CHI Silk Infusion helps tame it. It leaves my hair soft and I am completely in love with it. It's a little pricey but it's definitely worth it. You won't be disappointed with this.

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Rose B.

I freaking love this stuff! My hair is so soft and shiny after i use this! And this is a great heat protectant. This stuff is definately worth the money! A little goes a long way.

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Sosha D.
Amazing, leaves hair silky and smooth

I love this stuff more than any other type of silkening serum. Rub a very small amount all over your hair before straightening, focusing on the driest areas (usually the ends). It makes my frizzy, dry hair look and feel soft, smooth, straight and silky. It's really crazy how little it takes as well. I have very long, thick hair and use only about a penny sized amount. Most people probably wouldn't even need half that much.

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Megan N.

this little guy was my best friend during my process of rejuvenating my chemically damaged hair. i had chemical cuts off the ying yang and this product helped out so much. after washing my hair, i would use about a quarter size (depending on how damage your hair is, is how much you should use) and applied it all over focusing on the ends while my hair is still damp. after i would blow dry my hair, you can definitely feel the difference. another bonus is that this stuff smells absolutely amazing! everyone needs some kind of product to help restore your hair. this product is a little pricey, but its well worth the money.

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Kelly M.
love this, its a stapple!

this product is amazing, my hubby got me a travel chi set last year for christmas and it came in it, its my favorite products, the only thing is if you use too much your hair looks greasy, and its pricey, but other that its my most favorite product

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Linda D.

Having chemically colored hair it can really take a toll on your hair. Drying and at times it can be frizzy to the point where you just want to go crazy. I've been committed to using this for over two years now and I cannot live without this product. Makes my hair so soft and manageable. A little goes a long way so you only need a dime size for your entire head. I like to apply mines to the ends of my hair where its dry and needs a little life. if you do apply it to the roots of your hair it will weigh your hair down since the formula is really thick. I like to use this on my hair as soon as I step out of the shower. After I blow dry I notice that my hair is straighter then it usually is due to this product. Works great for those who flat iron their hair. Makes your hair soft and keeps it straight for at least 2 days. I cannot see myself not having this product in my life. A must for everyone! The reason I gave it 4 and a half stars is because it is pretty expensive. The large bottle retails for I think 30-40 dollars. I have the 6oz bottle and it has lasted me for over a year in a half.

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Marcie M.
Its good...

i bought this when i saw a reveiw for it online and they said they LOVED it. so i bought it expecting a miracle in a bottle and it was umm, good. it made my hair nice but i feel as though it works better if you are straightening or blowdrying your hair. it didnt work amazingly good as just a put on and go kinda thing, but if you're blowdrying or straighting your hair, it definetly adds a nice shine and feel. :) overall..... good product, but better if you are using a blowdryer or straightener.

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