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Sarah R.
Classic Old School CHAPSTICK :)

This stuff is the best to use all year round and so inexpensive! You can find these babies for a $1 at the dollar store and they help with chapped lips. in my opinion its better than EOS lip balm (which you seem to have to re apply every 5 minutes and your lips still feel dry). Chapstick has worked for me for years :)

Markhia R.

This product is soo cheap but it works wonders!!!! Yu can easily get this amazing product at Walmart, or pick n save or anyother similar store!!! I really think others who try will like!!

Valerie P.

omg my friends have all the colors and or flavors you can think of they havd let me barrow some and it is the best but I would need to keep putting some on but still great

Mrsmelistyles S.
Great for chappy lips

Have Chappy lips?? Then this is the product for you. Chapstick comes in different flavours, which makes it hard to choose from!! Chapstick locks your lips with moisture. It softens your lips and keeps it that way.