PRO LUMIERE Professional Finish Makeup SPF 15


Louise-Lesley J.

My Winter skin!

I have really dry patches in the Winter and my normal Mat version just doesn't work well with my skin - so I switched to this on the advice of the assistant and I'm so thankful. I tend to actually mix the two foundations. This one definitely has a thicker consistency and I got the lightest shade possible. It is a tad too light for my skin but not so much that it doesn't look natural but instead does a great job in taming my Winter rosy nose and cheeks.

I tend to use Mat on my bridge of my nose and then Pro everywhere else and mix in a little Mat on the chin and rest of the forehead. The two colours mix really well so no problems there (I was surprised at this because of the different formulas but they work well together).

The coverage, like the other one, is medium but I find this here to have slightly more coverage so you needn't build it up as much. It does a brilliant job and I don't feel the need to conceal much.

The finish is a natural, dewy and healthy looking glow to your skin and isn't cakey or fake looking at all!

Compared to the Mat, it definitely applies a lot thicker (I'm taking this is because of the consistency and more moisture) and takes slightly more blending - but not enough to deem unacceptable.

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Jen P.

Love Love Love this foundation, I wear it almost everyday. The incredible dewy finish it gives, leaves the skin looking radiant and healthy, however I still powder in my t-zone or it can look too shiny. It has build- able coverage and feels light. It also photographs really well. Perhaps not the best foundation for you if you have oily skin.

Theresa G.
Light weight formula

I love this foundation. It is a perfect color match and it is silky feeling. I am upset that it is actually being discontinued. Another foundation is in the making. I really hope that it is the same product in a different bottle : ) I LOVE THE SMELL! The down fall of this product is that it is not a long lasting foundation : (

Brittany H.
I love this stuff!

I have combination skin and this foundation works great on my skin. It kind of reminds me of MAC's Studio Fix Fluid but I think it's 1million times better because it doesn't clog my pores. The coverage is build-able but does take a little more effort to blend. overall, I really like it.

Hannah S.
Best for dry skin

I have heard many people rave about Chanel's pro lumiere foundation, including celebrity make up artist Lisa Eldridge, so I saved up my pennies and got some!

Starting with the pros, it has reasonable coverage, it gives a beautiful glow and it smells nice! Also, it's a posh brand so it makes it feel special to wear it haha.

Unfortunately, for me, there are quite a few cons: although this is said to be a full coverage foundation, it does not seem to live up to it's promise. It's hard to build up because it is so moisturising it ends up streaking and looking really uneven if you're not careful. It doesn't seem to soak in to the skin at all.

Also, it lasts hardly no time at all and seems to slip off my face, so as well as keeping that it in my make up bag, I have to keep my face powder, contouring powder, highlighter and blush along with a tonne of brushes and regularly reapply to stop my face from looking a blotchy mess haha! I have combination skin: quite dry on my cheeks and normal on my t-zone, so I wasn't expecting it it slip off so much.

And last but not least the price... it costs £31.66 here in the UK, which I am willing to save up for if it's a decent foundation, but it just hasn't worked for me.

I think this would be the perfect foundation for people with more dry skin than me and I bet it feels and looks wonderful! I think I should just have done some more research before buying it.

Hope this helped guys!