Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow

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Sylvia G.
Shimmery, but not exciting!

Since my mom absolutely loves chanel makeup, I always know I have a palatte to go to when I'm visiting...the color is nice, the sheen is nice, but it just screams old lady, even when you don't want to look like an old lady!!

Christine S.
i have many, worth the money

these eye shadow quads are worth every penny in my book. they have amazing colors, great staying power and hello their gorgeous! i have many of these quads and quite a few duos. they are all beautiful.

Jill K.

Mystic eyes (shown in the pic) is a beautiful quad for every skin color and eyecolor! The shadows can be used dry for a soft smokey effect or used with a dampened brush to create a deep metalic look. One of the best eyeshadow groupings I have worked with.

Mandy H.
Definitely a splurge item

I find with Chanel quads they're only neutral shades and not any that are " bold " colors. But the pigmentation is great and the colors are definitely buildable because I find the colors to start off soft if that makes sense. So if you have $60 that you want to splurge then I would suggest checking out these quads out!