Rory B.
Wear for a big night out!

It is very intense, and the wand delivers quite a lot of product. So it's best to be careful about blinking before it's totally dry. You will get huge, lush, and feathery lashes, but wear it when you want to make an impact. For everyday, go with the regular Chanel inimitable.

Mindy D.

There is no better mascara on the market. Yes it is a little pricey, but think about all of the cheap mascaras that you purchase and hate. This mascara lasted me about six months of daily (yes daily) use. The reason it lasts so long, is you don't need as many coats to get long, thick amazing lashes. The pigment in the mascara is intense, and it never smudges. This is an amazing mascara!!

Elise S.
Go get it in Purple !

I adore this product. Like all things Chanel it is very sophisticated, designed to give a very beautiful and subtle effect on the lashes offering some mysterious depth to your eyes. The purple/plum-ish version is quite edgy and the color looks absolutely stunning on brunettes!

Saidah J.

I love this mascara. I bought few month ago and fall in love with it. I tried everything and so far YSL was my best for mascaras. But CHANEL really impressed me as well, i bought it even second time. my all time favorite along with YSL.