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Dermacontrol Oil Control Moisturizer SPF30


Fifi D.
I Don't Understand The Hate

I was told to use this by my derm and though I was hesitant I loved it. The sun protection is amazing, 30 SPF? Awesome. My skin started to balance out with use. While not instantaneous my acne cleared up and I rarely get breakouts now. I still use it for the crazy amounts of SPF in it and for a bit of moisture in the morning.

Tiffani B.

This product goes on thick I would only wear it if I know im going to spend my day outside . Be careful when applying if it comes into contact with your eyes rinse immediately it happen too me and soon enough I began too feel a stinging sensation .

Mary Anne M.
Couldn't Get Past the Sour Smell

A friend gave this to me since it wasn't working out for her; she has sensitive skin, but I don't. However, I do have combo-oily skin and was on the hunt for products that controlled oil, reduced shine, or had a matte finish. This product did just that, even under a light foundation with finishing powder, but these benefits didn't last very long before I started seeing shine come back when I checked 4 hours later. My makeup looked better for longer using a Clinique moisturizer instead.

I would have continued using this moisturizer anyway just to finish it, but the most off-putting thing about the Cetaphil moisturizer more than anything was its odor; it smelled a little bitter, a little sour. And it was practically brand new! I'm not sure that it was supposed to smell that way, but I just couldn't deal with it on my face let alone the unimpressive oil control. Glad that this bottle was just given to me, but I see why my friend regrets spending the $14 she did on it.