Daily Facial Moisturizer spf15


Angela W.
Thick n greasy.

The whole Cetaphil line of moisturizers just doesn't really do it for me. It's so heavy and greasy- I just feel like my skin is being suffocated. The package may claim non-greasy but that really hasn't been my experience with any of the products (besides the cleansers which leave my skin feeling tight).

I prefer Aveeno's Positively Radiant daytime lotion with SPF to this one (even though I kind of hate lotions with SPF period- I know I need to wear it). It might be a bit more expensive but your makeup will go on better with the Aveeno and they both provide moisture and protection from the sun.

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Cameron R.
Awesome Moisturizer with Sun Protection!

I love Cetaphil's line of products and I credit them solely for improving the texture and look of my skin. This moisturizer is awesome in that is irritant free (for me anyway), has spf, and is very light. I switch back and forth between two other moisturizers and this one because I love it so much, I have to use it once in awhile. It feels kind of greasy upon application, but after sinking in for a few minutes that feeling goes away and you are left with just soft, protected skin. I took away a half-star mainly because I can purchase medium-end moisturizers for around the same price ($15.00) and because the sunscreen slightly irritates my skin if I apply it after shaving.

Sarah B.
Best I've Every Used

I have super sensitive skin so I'm very selective of the products that I use on my skin. I love this moisture. Compared to others I didn't break out or be allergic to to. It does it job. It's just in the winter I put it on twice because my skin get quite dry. Other than that I love it.

Emily  M.
pretty good!

I got this at walgreens for like $15. overall it's a good moisturizer and makes my skin so soft! but as others said it is kinda oily. for me that doesn't make a difference because I'm either applying makeup afterwards, or going to bed. and it doesn't break me out so other than that a perfect product!

Nadia N.

I have dry to combination skin and I used this for a while and I have to say I saw no difference in my skin at all. It one point just left like goop on my face and nothing felt moisturizing but instead tightness from my skin. My makeup applied ok with it but not the best. My sister uses it and it works great for her and she has oily skin oddly enough and uses powder foundation or colorstay. I definitely did suggested this one to my teen cousin cause she was getting interested in beauty and its a good starting point with moisturizers.

Kennedy A.

This is my daily moisturizer. It does the most for adding moisture to my overly dry skin. However, it does take a while to sink in and apply with a light hand because it can be extremly greasy if you apply too much. I love the way it makes my foundation look and once you learn how to use it, you will love it.

Myrna P.

This product is just ok. I use it when I cannot find my other products. That is only on rushed mornings. I feel like it is too greasy and my eyelids still get irritated. I used clinique for the past week and I have noticed a difference with that product. So I will use this when nothing else is available and once it is finished, I am not getting it again.

Liz W.

I bought this because it said it was lightweight and has SPF, however it is just too greasy and heavy for me. I can feel it on my face and it feels sticky, not really what Im going for. Im sure if I had dry skin it would work great.

Stephanie L.

I like the convenience of SPF protection and moisturizer in one, but my face looks really oily and feels like an oil slick in about 2 hours. I don't think it hampers makeup application, but it may be too heavy for a tropical climate.