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Divine Oil


Nicole A.

one thing about Caudalie and the whole line is absorption, which is a huge complaint of mine with most beauty lines. These products the ones I've tried absorb like a dream, this oil is amazing and smells Devine perfect name. I apply a little into my hair ends and on the dry spots of my body and I can see a difference as opposed to areas I do not use it on, even my face which I try to avoid oil because my skin is very oily it still absorbs leaving no excess oil. This stuff is true luxurious beauty care I recommend it for anyone...and the scent again just Devine (:

Ella M.

This product is the bomb. It made my skin super soft. It made my hair shiny. It was great on my face. The smell is really nice. It absorbs into your skin. It doesn't just "sit" on your skin.

amazing multipurpose oil for face, body, and hair. makes my skin glow and feel soft. light, absorbs quickly. the scent is beautiful--it's a bit in your face at first but quite wonderful after settling in. I like that it stays close to the skin despite the strength of the scent. it lingers and dissipates slowly, making application of this product an experience every time.