Pulpe Vitaminée Eye and Lip Cream


Angela W.
Works like a charm.

I panicked one day after noticing my under eye dryness was starting to more closely resemble actual wrinkles! So after breathing deeply into a paper bag for a while I headed over to Sephora to see what could be done.

The woman who helped me examined my face and declaired it was not too late to fix the problem- I just needed a good moisturizer for under my eyes. She suggested Caudaline because it's packed with grape extract which is supposed to work miracles.

The formula is suuuper light but did a great job moisturizing. I definitely noticed a difference and the little lines that seemed permanent have faded again. Just don't have a panic attack when you see the price- cuz miracles ain't cheap.

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Julie A.

After using Bliss' All Around Eye Cream for years it began to sting and irritate my eyes so I went to Sephora and tested out a ton of eye creams on my hand. I instantly fell in love with this, not only is light and moisturizing but it blends beautifully without effort. My hand felt so soft after testing it (and the natural ingredients had me interested) so I bought it and now I'm going on my third tube! It is priced a bit high, but with everyday use it lasts me about 9 months. But best of all, I've noticed a wonderful improvement in my undereye area. Also, I'm not sure if its because I'm getting more sleep or because of this product (or both) but my dark circles have also faded to the point where just a light concelear (mac select moisture cover) is needed. Overall this leaves my undereyes feeling moisturized and smooth, without any burning or stinging. LOVE IT!