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Monoi Repairing Shampoo


Lizzy P.

I've only used this product twice so far (It was given to me as a sample from sephora). I kid you not, I got out of the shower and looked up the price on the website. I love this stuff. I had chemically treated hair for years as well as some scalp issues and I have a really hard time finding a shampoo that caters to all these needs- This stuff leaves my hair soft and strong- not weighed down (which is my all time pet peeve). It also smells fabulous. Try it!

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Ruth F.
for the 1st time my hair felt conditioned after only shampooing

not only does it smell fantastic, it left my 4c natural hair feeling soft before I even applied the monoi conditioner. highly recommend this product to women of all hair textures because it somehow accomplished that softening, conditioning feat while leaving my hair light & airy!