Carol's Daughter

Monoi Repairing Hair Mask


Tamara  W.

I used this product becuz I was experiencing breakage. The first time I used it I instantly saw results. It works amazingly to repair damaged hair, however I would recommend it more for ppl with natural hair. Some of Carol's Daughter products weigh relaxed hair down. U have my seal of approval. lol

Tonita C.
Did the job...

I bought the trial kit and received a trial sized jar of this product. I did notice an immediate softness and improved manageability after one use. Smell is nice..somewhat flowery. I don't think that I would buy the full sized product for the price though....giovanni products perform just as well if not better and are a lot less money.

Dena M.
Leaves your hair happy :-)

This hair mask really saved my damaged hair! I love how it leaves my hair nice soft, manageable, and stronger every time I use it! I only place this product on my ends and work it up about half-way never on my scalp! After about 30-45 mins, it really locks in moisture and reduces split-ends. Everyone should try it at lest once- your hair will thank you!

Tanecia W.
Fast repair

Hair was dry, brittle and breaking off. Used this and hair was shiny, soft and it smells amazing. Normally I use this once or twice a week. I am spanish and black so to find a product that works so well on my hair type (curly) is a go.

Nikki Z.

For me this is a holy grail product and will literally never stop buying it. I substitute my normal conditioner for this once a week and leave it in for about 5 minutes in the shower and rinse it out. The smell is heavenly, it leaves my hair feeling like silk, and never weighs it down. And for how much product you get, I love the price point! It will last me forever! And I absolutely cannot get over the smell. So yummy!!!

Carla M.
smells yummy and works great!

I got this a few months ago and use it once a week and I LOVE it! It smells so tropical and leaves my hair super soft. I put it in my hair, put a shower cap and relax for about 20 min.

Crystal C.
hair conditioner

bought this for my mom and she loves it made her hair super soft tooo it really does moisture hair without making it greasy and it was definatly worth buying her for mothers day!!