Calvin Klein

euphoria Eau de Toilette Rollerball


Kendra H.
My Favorite Summer Scent!

Honestly, I normally don't gravitate toward the more high end scents. I feel that there is almost always a dupe scent at a place like a Bath and Body Works, but that's not true in this case. I got a small roller ball (a little smaller then this one) as a deluxe sample in my May Ipsy Bag and I fell in LOVE! I haven't even used half yet, it's easy to carry around, and the scent is just super unique! I've spent weeks trying to find a dupe at somewhere like Bath and Body Works but I can't find one! So, I'm just gonna have to spend the money... but THAT'S how much I love it! Any other perfume/scent I would just never buy again. This is my new favorite for spring and summer and I think anyone who tried this will love it!

Bobbi W.

I love the scent to this! Smells sooo good, if you don't like it somethin is wrong with your smellers Hunnay LOL. But it's amazing, I got it as an added fragrance at Macy's (I got it free and that was EVEN better) I also like it's size b/c I can slip it into my purse and it takes up no space at all. LOVE IT.!!

Jenny C.
Easy carry-around refresher

This was a gift from a friend that found the scent didn't suit her. I carry this in my bag all the time in case I need to freshen up and the roller ball is convenient with no wastage. Lovely light, floral, young and flirty scent.